It is difficult to grasp the realm of love, as my worlds often make the real thing appear smaller. But it isn't a small thing. Not even close.

Nor is it about exclusively Sal-related love, when I write about love. Of course he is a major reason which makes it so present in my life. As an energy it goes way beyond and isn't restricted to one person. More like subtle waves of energy, emitting, transforming, connecting what has no boundaries. It let's you sense from within, how little boundaries there are when you take off the glasses of the Matrix we live in.

The many small moments between people and interactions - and I would add, better choices we can make once we do get aware, that we actually have a choice.


Not always clear to have a choice

It is not always clear actually, to have the choice to choose love. I'd be stupid to say that in all circumstance we have a choice. (I mean we have, but let's also be realistic - because life in this matrix (or reality world) is a whole lot more complicated, and live situations can make the sense of choice feel totally absent. It isn't, but the connection to that awareness is.

As or devotion for our egos bitching, which at times is so smart, that you just don’t get to see the choice between lower and higher. Between reptile brain and love. Between hating, bitching and rejecting vs. calming, sensing, reflecting.

Emotions can be so strong, deceiving us into all kinds of life situations which makes it feel impossible to reconnect to love, to other people, to situations.


Ego vs Heart as a friend

However, there always is a choice based on Free Will in each one of us. Also; it is not about right or wrong, I may add, too. But dependent on who is your guide in situations, the Ego will be a treacherous friend like a reptile - while the Heart a wise source and kick-ass friend that sticks with you in good and bad, one you actually have fun with, making life a lot more than the Big Gray in Daily Life.


I have been working almost daily

during the past weeks, during the time Sal and Maria Grazia have been here. But at the same time, I often have been going up often went up around 1200, at times even earlier - and therefore had plenty of hours during daytime, spending with either Sal or all three together


Swing Dance - Snowboll Stockholm 2017

Maria Grazia has been taking Swing Dance lesson during daytime, and party during night time. With Swin Dance 8 parties in one week, I think she has eclipsed anyone in the family, including the daughters Paola and Carla, how often to party ;-)

One hell of a Mom, let me tell you.



To have Sal and Maria Grazia here, is absolutely wonderful. We have calm moments as well cheerful loving moments.


The photo session 31 Dec 2017

with Maria Grazia and Sal was just hilarious fun. So beautiful for the eye as Maria Grazia has an unexpected sense of style and grace in front of the Studio flashes.

When she stepped into the lights  - I did not even have to direct her. Such a natural grace, the way she moved, the various positions she took, the eye contact, the sparkle, the beautiful mouth and lips.

Like if she moved with an invisible hand.

I was exhilarated and astonished about her natural grace in front of the camera. I myself hadn’t done any photo session since 2012 I believe. So, it has been almost 6 years (!!) but everything worked just great, even using three different cameras !


One hour before getting ready for the Big Event

Maybe I have not lost my touch after all. I mean it was a quick-and-dirty photo session in the Photo Studio, with 3 strobes and full background, only 2 hours before I had to go to work. And only 1 hour before they went to the big Snowball event at the Clarion to celebrate New Years eve Swing Dance !

I did not even feel stressed !!! Under normal circumstance, I would dread for such a mission to make photos. It's interesting when you find yourself acting in opposite ways compared to what you are used to feel. Its like our thoughts locks us into patterns and decisions - but never truly reveal the full capacity and ability of what we can and can not do.

That things are not written into stone, really. About who we think we are.


Much better results than expected

The Photo Session was absolutely fun to do. We all three where in such high spirits - and the results look good. Or much better than I would have expected.

Warm waves of love. And that does feel ... so special. I mean, how that feels. How it vibrates in your heart. How it traverses through your body. How it actually moves between people. And how people when they come together, can create an energy even bigger then that.

Three highly sensitives in the room ! Tuned into this beautiful synchronized meeting of joy and fun.

Speaking about fun - of course we made silly photos, too. It breaks any ice, and for me personally, it is a little bit like a Photosessions within a photosession. Like a special branch diverting from the main goal of making "serious" photos / portraits.


That Playfulness

Silly photos in between, taps into that universal joyfulness, that playfulness children have but also most adults have deep down inside. It is playful in front of the camera, or to dress up (anything goes) and to goofy. Simple and so joyful !!



Some iPhone comic versions I had plenty of fun with ;-)





3 days off

Today is my last day I work because then I have three days off, before Sal leaves for Catania on the 5th.

The apartment is warm and super cozy. Maria Grazia absolutely loves it here. And Sal put such an amazing touch to everything, changing the lights in a tasteful way, that it gave my apartment a new character. He loves to do it, and working together with him, is endlessly fun. It's one of those things, in which he inspires me the ay he is. It also makes it fun to do anything with him, even trivial things like going to the store, I love to follow with him.

Anytime. Anywhere.


Back next Christmas 2018 ?

I am sure Maria Grazia will come back, perhaps already next Christmas when a new Stockholm Snowball event takes place 2018. Both Sal and she are very much into dancing, especially Swing Dance. Well, you have to know that both are dance instructors, too. They have been doing that for decades in all kinds of branches of sports, music and dance !


The presence of people

My apartment absolutely loves, when people are here. It is so much family feeling !! Which to me is still something very special, something precious, something rare that never really was present in my childhood. So, whenever people come together, eating breakfast or dinner together, it has this wonderful sensation inside of me...