It feels almost like before when alone and stuck into routines. Maybe it is that my ego brains thought-form, more easily standing out, when I am alone. Compared to when Sal was here, where I focus more on us, and less on trivial demanding thoughts.

It's a theory.

Sleep always can make me groggy, and sometimes it takes a while to "get back into" my core-being.

So, maybe it isn't the patterns, maybe it is the brain's thoughts that abduct one's daily life patterns (or by suppressing better quality).

I mean does it really matter if I go to the post office or not on a certain day ? (it doesn't) But my brain tends to constantly bitching about it "you have to" - which leaves you in a limbo between doing it, and relaxing about it. Just enough so that u get stuck in a lesser inner quality feeling. But why is there such a thought-form in existence bitching in the first place ? Where does that "form" come from ? I sense a creation that isn't real. Therefore i call it "thought-form".

Gosh, the ego brain computer is really no good when it rules over spirit. It is good in organizing things in life - yes. But not in ruling over life quality !!


Now that I slept and get ready for work

it almost feels like a dream that Sal was just here this morning. I monitored his flight from Milan to Catania until landing. In light there, where it was already dark here in Stockholm.

And temperatures up to 21°C in Catania (!), 15.2°C (!!) in lower Nicolosi - Pedara (650 meter), and fascinating 24°C in Syracuse. It is truly warm in South Europe. In fact those must be close to ever recorded extremes ?

Even Nice or close by (along the French riviera) had I believe up to 23°C which is new January record.


Extreme cold US - and the consequences for Europe

The extreme cold over the US creates very strong cyclones as the cold air-masses clashes with the warmer ones over the Atlantic. And all those cyclones come into Europe with strong activity, clouds and rain, but also very mild air masses, especially in southern Europe where stable high pressure conditions apply.

This pattern (extreme cold over America) almost always results into much milder conditions in Europe. I noticed this already in the early 80s when i started to become weather interested.

So, the longtime predictions for winter 2017/18 made in Oct (i can't rememeber the source of that prediction, though) - but it failed totally. It called for unusual cold to very cold conditions in Dec 2017, Jan 2018 and Feb 2018 over Europe.

So, much for those computer models.

Garbage in. Garbage out.