And so I did it (already). Making my own toothpaste, which is utterly free from any shit that shouldn't even exist in our tooth paste. Especially one of the most toxic substances for a human body; Fluoride.

Which found it's way into all of our toothpastes since the end of the 50s - after the American industry didn't know what to do with the huge amounts of toxic waste products from the Aluminum industry. To destruct Fluoride cost huge amounts of money.

So they came with the idea, to put it into tooth paste.

Of course with all the science necessary, that it was good for tooth health. And today everyone believes it, as it is deeply rooted into our psychology. Thanks mom and dad, school teachers and the rest of the drones preaching the Matrix' mantras.

So, the rest is history.


It is always funny how the human psyche works

that when you know that a toxic substance it bad for the human body - how the mind neglect that quite easily - and you pretend it is ok. Also because there isn't really any difference you can feel afterwards whether you use fluoride toothpaste or not.

So, of course I continued to use the fluoride toothpaste - albeit rinsed my mouth 4-5 times with water afterwards as of lately.


• Fluoride • alters human consciousness

Regardless, you should know that in the war, large experiments where made with excessive amounts of fluoride, to give people "brainfog", (dull down). It's an interesting subject as you dig deeper, because in case that is true (something that is always difficult to determine), but if the substance indeed was used to induce brainfog in people, then why is it worldwide in our toothpaste ? Or in other words - How fluoride affects consciousness; the will to act weakens.

Notice how your mind will start to neglect / counter argue / speak down on such possible findings that fluoride was used to dull down people in war times (in larger scale experiments), because you learned about innocent  and good fluoride toothpaste is for teeth health... and the lower mind, will defend that strongly !

That's how social programming actually works - as we get wired since childhood through social imprinting, which then turns on automatic later.

Nevertheless - it is still a fact that fluoride it is one of the most toxic ingredients to the human body.


• Sodium Laureth Sulfate •

There are other substances in tooth paste which shouldn't really be in there (nor have to be). One substance you find basically in all skin and cleaning products, but are known to cause allergies for a lot of people, rashes, and possibly more (sodium laureth sulfate, or SLS, have slightly different names and variations, but are more or less of the same bad stuff. It's in everything, from soap, to shampoo to toothpaste ! Remarkable.


Hairloss / Baldness

Sodium Laureth Sulfate supports faster loss of hair when you come to age !


• Titanium dioxide •

Some tooth paste contain Titanium oxide. These micro and nano particles are pretty bad for the body, especially as they enter our intestines:

Our intestines are covered with a huge amount of little micro "fingers", called Intestinal villus (In German: Darm Zotten)

Micro projections that make up the walls of our intestines, in which the exchange between substances from the food into the blood system. These "fingers" get over excited and swell after contact with Titanium dioxide nanoparticles (in a short time, it doesn't require many intakes of Titanium Dioxide). Resulting into a sort of inflammation which alter the calls, turning into pre cancerous growths. At least this happened to 40% of all rat studies wit titanium Dioxide (Harvard University)

So, Where do we find Titanium Dioxide nanoparticles ? In some toothpaste, but also in many skin products like sun screens / protection creams and oils. Perhaps even other products, but out of memory i can't rememeber.



So, the Silica

is there to give my toothpaste strength for the outer layer of the teeth. The Calcium Carbonate is the gentle polish. The Glycerine and few drops of oils like Tee Tree Oil, Myrra, Eucalyptus etc - are for anti inflammatory properties. The Xylitol, Stevia and Eucalyptus give wonderful taste ! Later i also added Mazena / Corn starch, because I felt the toothpaste was kind of "watery" at first.

Now it feels more like wet clay, like a light gray paste.


So, how did it go ?

Well, from a psychological point of view - the toothpaste is grayish and more fluid than I'd like (first two attempts)

But it tastes absolutely gorgeous !!!

The taste is absolutely fantastic and without that sharp taste you get from industrial fluoride tooth paste. My home made toothpaste isn't producing foam, though. I still would like to find a way to make the toothpaste ever so slightly more creamy (thicker). Perhaps i increase the amount of Calcium Carbonate / bentonite clay (but that didn't make it that much thicker, rather "grainier". Later as I already mentioned, i added Corn starch - and that made it perfect.


Final Version

(I will write down the final formula in Feb 2018, after I have tested the homemade toothpaste further. Hence Sal will be testing it too, both the first but also the next version 2 I just made yesterday and will bring it to Sicily).