All new iPhone models 2018

This should apply for all the three new models, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max - because they are said to be all the same. And I am talking about the back camera, not the selfie one.

So, while the sensor MP has not changed and still is on 12 MP - perhaps for the first time I do have to say that the iPhone Xs Max camera is a class of it's own compared to the previous I have had; and I am mainly comparing with iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus.

There is not just a slightly difference, or barely a difference - there is in fact a big difference. One that makes the image look more like an image coming from a larger sensor camera, like Panasonic Lumix LX or something.

I am impressed. I was not from the iPhone 7 Plus thinking it was a big difference from the iPhone 6 Plus - but it never felt like anything else than just another mobile typical photo camera.


Well the new iPhone in 2018

does indeed make a difference. A big difference, I would say (as a photo tool). And a more serious work has been done on the camera & sensor & software side.

Sure, Apple said it used a sensor with 30% larger photocells, but that can mean anything what so ever. And sure, they use an awful software tech on top of the sensor output. I get that. But the thing is, they got it really right in comparison to the last 4 years models.

It is not perfect, because no camera ever is - but they got it damn right.

A slight problem I have, when buying a new phone is, that I kind of forget that it is also a new camera- so I have not even used it much as such yet.


Forbidden expensive iPhone Xs Max

I intend to keep this model for 3 years from now on - because Apple has gotten forbidden expensive. So I see the iphone Xs Max more like a Mini-Mini Macbook Pro). Otherwise I have to barf at the thought how expensive that thing actually is here in Europe and Sweden.


Make 3 happy

The main reason I did not wait for another extra year this time, was actually Sal and his daughter Carla. You see Carla is still on my very old iPhone 5 (new 6 years old). Sal is on my iPhone 6 Plus which is 4 years old. He get's the iPhone 7 Plus, and Carla get's the iphone 6 Plus.

This is how we work. So, therefore I did jump into the very expensive iPhone Xs Max, manly because I know that it will make two more happy. And the funny thing is, the day I decided that and without telling Carla - her phone broke down completely.

So, it is about time, and I send Sal my phone, and Carla get's his big phone.



Another Aspect:

Even if indoor images which aren't always right with the color balance - but when you work with the JPG file and make corrections - the file still holds up nicely. I never had a convincing feeling of that with the earlier models.

YES, they did look GOOD on the SCREEN (iPhone 7 Plus)... but when I came home and looked at the corrected ones at my computer screen, I did not feel as convinced really.

So, yes. The 2018 phones are better cameras, and produce better files, you can work with without totally falling apart. Or look at the photo below... I find that remarkable coming from a mobile phone. The wider angle of 26 mm also helps nicely. Even the 52mm "tele" is excellent and much better than from my iPhone 7 Plus (my model, where the tele lens always gave me a strong colorcast, yellowish green. I hated it, almost never used it - only the wideangle)