Weird feeling

To see images come to Life again after 22 years - with such a clarity. I mean that also from the photographic standpoint. Because the quality available to me, has never been better like they are now. It is stunning how much details a MicroFourThird Camera (M43) can pull out of a 6x6 negative.

I always thought you need fullframe and huge amounts of megapixels. But that's isn't quite true, because my Olympus OM-D EM1 Mark II really holds up very well, even with the bigger negatives up to 6x7. I see grain in the images - not the sensor noise ! So, the resolution of the M43 sensor is really enough. I do not need huge huge files really. I am not into printing.


Good work !

I am also impressed by the quality of the job I did back time time. The negatives are really looking good. None of the problems I have had recently are visible in the negatives and films I developed 20 years ago. (And when I say this, I mean mediumformat film, 120 type of film - not 35mm). 35mm film I have no problems with, whether in the past nor now.


Weird - also from a different point of view

But at the same time, I am also looking at the people from long time ago. I look into their eyes; the men, the persons, the beings. With a clarity in detail like I never seen before.

How odd. How strange.

At a low level, emotions are moving, but in a diffuse way. I know at least this: my feelings were true at the deepest level. There is nothing different in the sense of falsified memories, emotion or deviations. What was, was true and there was no second thoughts written in my heart.

But that does not mean it was the best thing for me to be with them. That, is another story I did not learn from. Or at least not for a long time.