I have noticed

What when it comes to cameras that are bigger, e.g. Medium Format Cameras like Hasselblad, Mamiya or Pentax - it truly pays off to work with tripod. The whole phenomena with "retro photography" and "Lomo photography" kind of watered out the discipline, knowledge and even more so, the sense of good, fine classic photography.

When I scan my negatives I often notice how fine detailed my negatives actually are from the 90s. Thanks to the tripod work indoors as well outdoors. I often use Mediumformat cameras like Mamiya C330s and Mamiya 6 handheld. But not until I use a Tripod - it really starts to shine.

It is almost waste film, to use large negatives, and then yo get so-so negative. You could have done the whole thing with a 35mm camera instead.


Heavy Mediumformat Cameras in a Backpack ?
Naaa, I use good shopping cart

When I took photos of Sal when we has in Stockholm last August, I used the big Mamiya RZ67 Pro and a tripod. For transportation I use a professional shopping wagon (with air filled wheels, but also foam I put on the inside to dampen any movements in the streets. No problem with big cameras what so ever. I did in fact use TWO Mamiya RZ67 bodies.

You just fill the shopping bag and go wherever you want to go... (instead of carrying all the stuff in a backpack....) Why don't I ever read that in other blogs and articles ?


It truly paid of using a Tripod

So, when I took photos of Sal with the Mamiya RZ67 on tripod - it truly paid off. The difference in quality is just stunning, down to the finest details. And like that. I am tired of treating mediumformat film like some goofy Holga camera with blurry, shaky images. Sloppiness being sold as Art... It is fun and creative some time  but then it just feels funky and dull, to be really honest.

Everything has it's time - but not all the time.


Where the sharks go...

And boy am I tired of film material that isn't fresh, or is damaged or too old. That is such a waste. It is NOT even cheaper. I think the entire Lomo Photography just jacked up the prices to be even more expensive than fresh, professional film. eBay is a good example of how reality looks like.

"The more people run after all the same" (tends, fashion, what's hip)
- the more prices get jacked up, and
creative spirits are leaving the building.

And usually the sharks and reptilian type of mentality gathers where the blood flows; I mean the money. It runs in almost all areas in the world.

Think about it.