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Canon EF 50/1.2 L

Surprising lens

It is really a surprising lens, now being used on the Canon EOS R camera, which gives this notoriously AF tricky lens a much better value, due to the on spot autofocus where you exactly want it - and it nails it 9 of 10 times. When you look at the above photo of Sal among the lights - the focus is spot on his face - while the background falls into a gentle blur. And the quality looks good, for a lens which isn't so stellar in terms of raw MTF resolution.

And yet, it works with better visual quality compared to it's reputation.

I am delighted !!

The earlier highly unreliable AF with the EF 50/1.2 L has spoiled many images for me in the past.
But no more.


Specialized lens

I would however say, that the Canon EF 50/1.2 L is a specialized lens, and not all-round. With some older Noctilux character, which means it's character is bit unpredictable in how the "flair" of wide open aperture ƒ1.2 works on some motives, while not on others.



Canon EOS R camera is sometimes rather "fiddly"

Is a fiddly camera, now that it is mirror less and highly bound to many settings, that when they need to be changed... well you are constantly busy with those. And that does take away the mental focus on what you are taking pictures of. It is pretty far away from a smooth experience, as your mental focus is too busy with settings and changes. I rememeber similar from working with a Olympus camera (coming from a DSLR), and it suddenly requires much more "fiddling settings" focus.

I am sure that this will ease over time, the more I get to know the camera.

The EOS R camera is many different things, dependent on how you work, and what you want to achieve. But it is not a fast sports camera - for that a "professional" body is required, which can axle the fine difference in speed and "mental focus", where settings are not in the front, but need to serve the photographer in the background, almost by intuition - not the other way around.

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