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TTArtisan 21/1.5 not working with Leica M6

Now that was a bummer. I put the TTArtisan 21mm f 1.5 ASPH. onto the Leica M6 camera, which is a film based camera - and it is not working. The rangefinder does not align at all with the lens - and barely moves. Therefore you can't focus. This means, either you guess the distance - or just use the TTArtisan on digital Leica M cameras.

How odd.

I have no idea what the difference nor the culprit could be. Or if this applies to only my Leica M6, or general for all analog Leica M cameras, or just the Leica M6 series.

The Lens works absolutely flawless on my Leica M8 as well Leica M9. And all other lenses (Zeiss & Leica) work flawless on the analog Leica M6

This was really a surprise...

I guess I simply use the damaged Zeiss Biogon T* 21/2.8 with the Leica M6. When stopped down, it does a good job still.

I can live with that ;-)







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