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Masks, RT-PCR Tests & Consequences



Masks are ineffective, due to that viral particles are extreme small, no mask can truly protect or filter out such small particles.

Masks are only effective for operations in a mechanical sense that the patient's open wound is better protected from falling micro debris/particles from the doctors face/hair, prevention of infecting open wounds.

Decreases oxygen to the body which includes also a lack on cellular level especially if you have medial conditions, pre-dispositions and other issues that leads to lesser uptake of oxygen. In here also plays lack of vitamins and minerals in general, leading to diseases and fatigue, followed by wearing a mask, increases the stress in the body on top of everything else.

Contradictions. Masks may be only somewhat effective, if a person who wears it, has a droplet based infection. However what speaks against 'protection', is shown in the below photo of aerosol distribution causing the masks people usually wear, blowing concentrated streams straight sideways out in concentrated streams...


Increases CO2 Carbon dioxide levels in the body
(causing less uptake of oxygen, which also affects the oxygen level on cellular basis in negative ways) Which can change, damage or even lead to a transformation into cancerous cells, especially in combination with unhealthy food (fast carbs, ultra processed food, high sugar = cells start to use fermentation as energy source), or/and low mineral and vitamin levels due to lack of nutrition in food, turning cell tissue "sour" (lowering the PH value), which is favorable for the creation of cancer

Cancer is not a genetic error in most cases - but a metabolism induced illness (wrong food, lack of nutrition).

Wearing masks with the consequence of lowering your oxygen levels also induces higher stress on cellular level (lack of oxygen) and therefore becomes another factor laid on top of others (food lifestyle, illness, lack of vitamins  - especially the lack of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid / ascorbate) and Vitamin D3+K2 (sunlight, food, supplemention) are extremly important for overall health and restoration of our body's immune system, especially during illness cruical !

A note on Vitamin-C:

The body consumes much higher levels of Vitamin-C when you are under stress and/or have (open/hidden) illness(es). That is also when the body consumed really large amounts of Vitamin-C, where not even the normal food can provide enough. Vitamin-C is very rapidly used under periods of increased inflammatory processes caused by illnesses/stress.

Vitamin C / ascorbic acid (sour) / ascorbate (neutral) - should be taken richly every 2 hours across the whole day (like drinking water + vitamin C + some lemon [flavonoids helping further with the uptake of Vitamin C]).

Taking Vitamin C only once a day - does nothing because of the slow uptake in our intestines. It would only flush out most of the Vitamin C you take once a day. A more effective way is a steady uptake of vitamin C through out the whole day.

Vitamin-C should not be taken through sweet juices (forget the stupid ads from the industry revolving sugar juices "Oh so healthy", due to the fact that sugar and Vitamin-C directly compete with each other. One plays the bad guy, the other the good guy.

Avoid Calcium ascorbate. Almost nobody needs extra calcium on top of what we already get from food, while more uptake of calcium creates more problems for the body. Weak bones are not caused from the lack of Calcium, but from the deficiency of VitaminD3+K2 and Magnesium [which most people nowadays lack.] creating an imbalance with Calcium. More calcium only makes the imbalance worse, by getting delivered it into the soft tissue and arteries rather then into the bones.

Impairs judgment while driving in a car and has lead so several serious accidents. The gradual impairments happens due to too low oxygen levels, as the CO2 content increases (you breathe out the increased CO2, and then breathe it in again, creating a spiral of increased CO2, which binds to the red blood cells, but preventing oxygen to be bound to the hemoglobin.

Lack of Oxygen kills off brain cells, when masks are used too long (> 30 min).
Lowering intelligence. Inducing many complications over time.

Increases immediately (>30 min) the accumulation of viral particles
as well bacterial growth in mouth and nose

Which also leads to increased chance of false positive RT-PCR Covid-19 test results !
due to higher amounts of viral material in both nose and mouth due to wearing masks.

Tooth health is compromised, as the entire bacteria flora in the mouth changes, due to overgrowth, attacking tooth flesh, creating inflammatory processes, degrading teeth.

Due to the nature of the not validated and rushed SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR tests, (PCR tests are forbidden to be used, e.g. NOT RECOMMENDED AS DIAGNOSIS FOR DISEASE)

         PT-PCR tests are used exactly as a DIAGNOSTIC TOOL worldwide today !
           Let that sink in for a moment.

The nature of PCR tests is extreme sensitive. in fact too sensitive for diagnostics. One single molecule of different origin in the tests, can entirely screw up the final results

PCR tests have a large amount of cross reactivity which means it reacts to many different viral and bacterial DNA/RN. This is well known, but WHO is ignoring it in their specifications online.

PCR tests have an very high amount of false positive results, also false negatives, due to the unreliable nature of PCR tests when used in diagnosis.

Labs in the world have each different protocols how to perform (the amount of cycles of multiplication in DNA/RNA material though primers) and following how to translate RT-PCR tests. If the cycles are too few, all test turn negative. If the cycles are too many, most are positive. Beyond 60 cycles ALL tests are positive. Below 30 cycles all tests are always negative.

No PCR test can ever show or prove a virus as an entity. It is only a scientific tool for research, meant for viral particles - which is not the same as a virus as an entity.

The human DNA by nature contains 13% of viral material - incorporated through evolution. When human cells get stressed, or exposed to toxins, or through quite many conditions including illness - it will create viral particles because of that. This is then always translated as illness. In reality, it is often a cleaning process mechanism for the body. (see "Terrain Theory)

A human cell can make viral material out of 350.000 protein combinations it has to its disposal to create in order to meet a specific toxin in order to break it down.

This happens when toxins are too toxic for the cell itself - it creates viral particles for meet the threat. Antibodies are created, acting like the gatekeepers over the whole cleaning process. If we would not be able to create virus in our body - we would die of systemic toxicity (see Terrain Theory).  (air, water, food, vaccines) It is in essence a tool to clean up/out the body from toxins, and in regular intervals we get cold/sick, when it is time for a clean up. Not because of contagion (that theory is based on the Germ Theory, and the ill fated ideology promoted by the industry to promote toxic vaccines with damages, at the same time the State Laws in many countries often agree to speak vaccine companies free from taking responsibility of damages caused by their vaccines)

Every vaccine which when injected into the bloodstream bypasses ALL the many natural defenses of the body. Therefore the ingredients of vaccines are seen as toxins in our bodies: (foreign DNA/RNA, animal DNA/RNA, heavy metals, toxic substances (none of them being natural to our body) This creates as a reaction a large amount of viral material created by our cells (which get damaged to do so - but usually do not die) It is the essence of trying to clean up the body from toxins !

PCR tests are not valid as a "Golden Standard" for "isolation" of viral material (Isolation is to prove the existence of a new bio entity, and has to prove beyond doubt, that it is the reason for creating illness). But PCR actually BYPASSES the Golden Standard of Isolation, avoiding the very gatekeeper Test that could and would prove the existence of a new contagion existence. PCR does not isolate "viruses" ! Claiming that PCR can isolate a virus, is scam science without science. and therefore anything can be made out of nothing. (Re-labeling normal existent, usually non lethal diseases like corona viruses family, into a new novel threat to humanity in order to promote draconian, stringent and hostile worldwide lockdown's and restrictions, destruction of "democracy" as well the destruction of industries, businesses and companies, already have caused caused the disappearance of 500 million lost jobs worldwide in 2020)

Who or what in all this - is Threatening vs "saving humanity" ?

One of the four primers used in RT-PCR tests, is found being the same genetic sequence of us humans; homo sapiens Chromosome No 8. written as followed;
The 18 gene sequence "CTCCCTTTGTTGTGTTGT"

This begs an important question:
why is a primer used in Covid-19 tests, based on human DNA chromosome 8 and not on a covid-19 gene particle sequence ? If the idea is to identify the presence of "covid-19". What are those "positive" tests then showing as a result ? Is it covid19 or is it just the confirmation of that, yes, you are a human of homo sapiens; We all got the Chromosome 8 genetic sequence code in our bodies !

Masks on people - is solely a tool used for control and obedience - not based on medicine, protection or science. It is to make the human population to get used to draconian measurements and the destruction of societies, livelihood, families and economies.




This I what I can remember from my head

being said and written about Masks and PCR tests. There is certainly more to it, and I am sure I made mistakes or chose the wrong words. But my goal was to summarize of what I could remember from everything have have been constantly digging deeply into many resources since the late nights in Sicily during the ill fated lockdown back in March 2020... and ever since.

I wrote it to illustrate, and to inspire. Not to ride every single word, but to encourage you to not only to read about the underpinnings in this covid-19 plandemic, but also to stretch your mains outside the hardwired narrative (which does not tolerate any diviation what so ever - or you are defamed)

Orient yourself also towards people who have dealt with viral particle science and biology and have researched all their lives, enjoy a healthy reputation within their field (until they turned critical - then they got defamed like anyone else who sticks out their necks) - yet these people do not bend to mainstream narritive science on which many others have signed up for.

A few examples I can remember straight away; are people like

Claus Köhnlein (Medical specialist Internal Medicine)
David Crowe (Medial Researcher)
Sucharit Bhakdi (microbiologist)
**Prof Dr. Karina Reiss (PhD biochemistry, Infections, Cellbiology, Medicine) -> see video

COVID-19: eine Analyse • Daten, Analysen, Studien

15 Sep 2020 • German language, 24 min


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