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Masks, RT-PCR Tests & Consequences - part 2


Ultimately what is it about ?

it is about to get closer to the truth. And digging deeper into more truthful, honest medicine instead of blindly getting hypnotized by hyped numbers and claims the media is so extremely willing and generous to feed humanity with, at all seconds per day.

It ain't about denying anything, nor of what is going on, or that people ar dying. But I want to know why - it I do not get the answers from the official hyped claims.

On the contrary - is about going beyond what is going on ! Any healthy country though it's awake people should do that ! It should be on anyone mind, to bypass fear - sit down - in favor of developing critical thinking - one step at the time. The willingness and ability wanting to look into all sources, not only into the official sponsored narrative.

Yet the official narrative does not allows this - and I consider that to be a red flag, an alarm bell, indicating that something is very strange and twisted (especially given how extremely devastating the political decisions are implemented worldwide today and for a long time now. In a way it has been done almost unison globally, which only makes me think of Hitler, Mao and Stalin; "There is only one truth". The rest is killed off (one or the other way).

How can that be ?

If the official truth can not tolerate any critics, scrutiny and discussions - by using shadow banning, elimination of important information (even from the most distinguished experts in their medical fields) - and on top social media destroying and censoring most info on how to strengthen the human immune system - then it ain't truth. It can not be !

It also means, that our media today is a joke at all levels; with bought cowards who serve master who do not serve humanity, other than to but to vilify critics, and to misinform with state and commercially sponsored propaganda dressed up in a suit that speaks "serious, researched and truthful".

But it is not.

The political measurements which have been implemented in 2020 onto the world - have nothing to do with protection, truth or sincere medical information. It's been done to indoctrinate fear, chaos, obedience over humanity - and to protect lies by all means necessary. Including the killing of the thousands as a direct consequence of the lockdowns.

It is psychopathy at it's worst - together wih their "followers", the authoritarian puppets. While we, the people, are acting like ducks in a row accomodating all the crazyness that sick minds under the diisquite of santiy are imposing on the populations.

So, then here we are again and again: When the monkey jumps off the balcony - we jump after.


Yes. Love is good, very good.
Yet understand this:

At the same time being naive (or ignorant foolish), is the same as devoting yourself to wishful thinking - essentially eliminating everything which love tries to inspire; to grow; to rise to a higher level - out of our lower egos and minds - into becoming finally real souls of humanity - and manifesting it into this reality, called Earth.

So, how can you afford to accommodate laws beyond any trace of democracy and honest medial basis, based on fear, lies and terrors, inspite of everything that is playing out now 2020 - leading to destruction, opression and outmost severe conditions for the human family ?

I do not consent ! How can you ?


That's my opinion.


The immune system is strengthened by being exposed to the world
- not having to hide by force by getting locked down, away from the world.


COVID-19: eine Analyse • Daten, Analysen, Studien

15 Sep 2020 • German language, 24 min


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