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Cockless Humans


I have an issue with the present events unfolding

To begin with - I have to stop writing about covid-19 and PCR tests. Well that's an bunch of big words. What I try to put finger on is, that I have been writing so much - that it strangles me. I mean I get no end in my writings. it just grows over my head.

At the same time, I have studied thousands of hours in the subjects (and other related subjects), since March 2020 when I was locked down 5 weeks in Sicily - and ever since, I really, truly have spent endless hours almost on daily basis, to wrap my head of what is going on. But also medically, what is possible and what is close to impossible in the narratives that are so heavily surrounded by massive propaganda.

My mind is clear, but it does not work in the way I express myself in my Diary writings !! - I kind of get caught in a Maelstrom sometimes. Which can result into "endless writings".

And deep down, my God, I am so endless angry at people buying all the shit. If they only knew... But the things is - people do not want to know.

Every time I test it - they back off.


I ask myself - how is that even possible ?

Do people not care ? Are they tired ? Do they wish illusion. IS that the favorite, like fast food is favored over real food ? Is that it ? If not, then what is it ? Jobs, freedom, democracy and (honest) healthcare are at stake. As already 500 Million jobs have been destroyed - what makes you think after 6 month, they stop there ? How the fuck can you believe they care ? Its not their jobs or income that are at stake...

So - if psychopathic Politicians do not care - why aren't you ?


Prime Minister Scream Queens & Soap Opera Clowns

Is it true, that we go with wide open shut down right into self made misery ? All for the sake of a "virus" - which is touted almost as lethal as the Black Death if you listen to the Psychopathic Lizard Snake Dr. Fauci and Co as in cocksuckers.

The Black death was estimated to have killed 42-50% of the people in Europe.

"Covid-19" is 0.26% worldwide - which is on pair with a moderate Influenza wave. Just so that you get an idea of what lethal, and "lethal" is - compared to psychopathic political scream queens and soap opera actors who just burn for to destroy our lands, job and incomes.

The Influenza in 2017/18 wave took during one year 500.000 people worldwide.

People never think in these terms, and are totally estranged to such high numbers - but that is actually how things look like in the world during a normal influenza !


The art of Re-labeling Deaths

Making already used up deaths, serve as destructive goals for the living.

And we let them. We bloody let them do all the shit, like puppets on a string, we follow whatever they tell us to follow. When they tell you that the monkey jumps off the balcony, we jump off, too.

Our brains are so intellectually fucked up - you can not even have a conversation about these things that are unfolding, to be rolled out. And no fuck knows shit about RT-PCR tests, what they can and can not show. I tried to tell my boss at work about it. I think it went into one ear - and out of the next second after. He has no clue what so ever - and frankly, I believe he doesn't want to either.

Very common.


I always wondered how the Second World War was possible

When I was younger, for many decades I simply couldn't wrap my head around that people went along with the destruction of a world wide matrix illusion to such a degree, that all appeared to have participated in the way people did. How the deceptions snuck up on people. How people felt they accepted the situation "as it is" - and went along with it, like ducks in a row.

Why did we use guns, weapons, cannons and bombs the way we did ? Where does such loyalty comes from ? In my eyes, all nations where guilty of crimes against humanity, to push the world onto the brink of utter destruction. Because let's face it - those who paid, where the people at the ground, no matter what color or ideology.

They all paid the highest price in the World Wars.

Are we again going to erect Statues for the politicians and doctors (fauci perhaps ?) in every country after the covid-19 deception disaster ? Are we again celebrating the evil as being "war" heroes - like we did with the lush puppet Churchill ? Do we erect Italian Conte to the highest of heroes, because he was first in Europe "to save us from the lethal virus" by all means necessary ? The devil with silver tongue.


Every one of them, should face court, for crimes against humanity.

• Italian PM Conte & Co. • German Chancellor Merkel & Co. • UK's Boris Johnson & Co. Israel's psychopath Netanyahu & Co. • Canada's PM & CO. • Australian PM Scott Morrison & Co, together with the incredible evil puppet • New York governor Andrew Cuomo & Co • Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti & Co • Dr. Anthony Fauci & Co, US • WHO World Health Organization Director General & Co., • Kanada's grotesque Public Health Agency Top "doctor" Theresa Tam... and an endless chain of people bypassing democratic laws in an instant - as well human rights - beyond anything we ever have seen since the Second World War.

And endless parade of string puppets representing "the people of each nation"...(what a joke) - and the even more countless authoritarian puppet in buildings - followers who speak for more stringent nazi measurements - all in the name of the Corona Cult.

Like the recommendation from the Governor Office of California - to wear a mask, when in a restaurant, between each bite you eat...

Have we really become such cockless / puzzyless humans ?!

w t f .


Are we really so fucked, to welcome psychopaths as our heroes ?

Why are people so damn bloody trustworthy to the narrative that is played out right in front of our noses, and again with help of fear mongering ? Why are we do stupidly lazy to dare to dig deeper behind the facades of "facts" that are insisted on being "facts" !?

I just don't understand the laziness. The stupidity. The absurdly deep delirium of believing everything that is served to us in the morning news. How can that be.... how could millions years of human evolution, lead up to this in 2020 - to obey lateral shit - which has 0% to do with science or medicine ?

How ?


What a waste of time and energy ?

So, while I try to write about these absurd things - I often get this weird feeling, that it is all a waste of energy. Ultimately it sucks me dry - and it will make no difference. But I know myself *LOL* I am not letting this go off the hook.

I have spend thousands of hours, trying to learn about the underpinnings of virus, germs, RT-PCR tests, Isolation of viruses, procedures, and the more serious tests as well studies that have been made and analyzed, but rarely dive up to the publics awareness - because of all the psychological buzz that is thrown onto the public with massive scare mongering and "reportage" and "interviews". It's exhausting - and a total waste of energy - because that is not where you learn more about the truth.

But we have gotten extremely used to that is how "truth" is served to us. We seem to have become more like babies, who do not spend effort in seeking the truth. We want the truth come to us - e.g. the other way around. Like Divas we sit and hang around, waiting for answers.

To be served, fresh at morning coffee.

Next ?


Well the world isn't peace and banana.

What happens scares the shit out of me. What scares me most, are the PEOPLE. We ! The way we duck away from everything. The way we accept and accommodate everything. The way we avoid deeper reflections.

A word in which Ego and Emotion are Kings and Queens. Where soul and spirit have become weightless nothingness.

Where empathy is a ten, something to emulate, but not being felt or understood.

Where pain is now the aches of the ego, not getting what is wants - in the best manner of psychopathy.


That is what scares the shit out of me.

That modern educated people, with more knowledge at our disposal than ever before in human history - can do insanely fall into the shit of deception, with help of the official declaration of an invisible nanometer sized enemy, to be told being highly lethal. And we all go for it.

How convenient. For those who have the power, and seek to use it over humanity. And we support it without hesitation, without calling anything in question, without even caring.

The eyes that see, but fail to see
The ears that hear, yet fail to hear
The mouth that talks, yet stopped speaking truth
The mind which has he capacity to understand - it fails to grasp anything.


In the name of the Corona Cult

we allow psychopathic politicians and their intimate involvement with the Pharma and War industry to rule our countries, our land, our job and our lives - by destroying 500 million job worldwide in only 6 month.

But as you may know or not, psychopaths use the sweetest of sweet talk, and their skill is to sell external illusions, for you to be trapped into.

Honey traps. Scare traps. Punishment traps.

At the end of the day - they do not care. Never have, never do, never will - because the evil is in psychopaths DNA, and you can't change them. They have borrowed their minds to humanity - and we are adapting to the thinking - where bad is the new good, and everything that was good, is the new bad. And it is spreading like a cancer through thousands of years o humanity.

Now look who and where it all is leading us... this Reptilian style of vultures in power positions at most levels of society.

Why are we accepting psychopaths into the human family ?!


- 202 -