Stockholm - Snösätra • 9 Oct 2020
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Corona Crazy in Italy


Sal reports from Sicily

He says he feels misplaced and almost estranged in his homeland of Sicily. It is as if the Sicily we learned to know being typically Sicily - isn't there anymore. Everything is different. Now there is a strong force of everyone must wear a mask, no matter where you are !

Just a thing like that. As the flu has been weaponized, economically as well psychologically. And I assume also spiritually - because everything from that perspective, appears to be based on entropy.

I myself do really long for Sicily. But at the same time - as Sal says - it is not the Sicily you got to know. It's just not the same anymore.

He is longing back to Stockholm.


Let us be under no illusions

People's lives are being destroyed And this not due to the V the Virus. It's a political decision by corrupt governments, acting on behalf of dominant financial institutions.







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