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Media, Mortality & Mafia Methods



Well, well. The Guardian claimed in Aug 2020, that the deaths in Sweden in the first half of 2020 were the highest since 1869 with the headline: "Sweden records highest death tally in 150 years in the first half of 2020"

Well well. If your newspaper is sponsored by Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation (!) with $10 Million, as is the German "Der Spiegel" and others... I guess you have to follow some unspoken (?) rules in terms of spreading the word; also known under the expression of propaganda.

The bolder the better ?

Collective Psychopathic Stockholm Syndrome

Ok. Suckers please go to the left, and swallow all pills the state, media and authorities mandates you to take  - as well, of course, to wear a mask at all times. Thank you.

It's also funny that doctors, intellectuals, Dollywood actors and all the other power cocksucker bitches in higher positions especially among politicians, partially psychopathic tilted - can cunningly ignore that even the official numbers - are showing too well, that the entire covid-19 is a scam the world has never seen before. Right and straight into each and everyone's nose - and yet, we fail to see, fail to understand, fail to wake up.

While 'democracies', economies and workspaces are disintegrating, right before our eyes.

And you defend the destruction, unable to look pass by the mirrors of deception, too lazy to dare to look beyond your local horizon, by doing some serious homework.

Truths has never been delivered on a silverplatter - nor via McDonalds fast food delivery system


No fuck appears to know shit about RT-PCR and PCR tests

(Yeah, it does make me furious) These loud instagrammers, influences and bullshit propagandists as well the whole fucking fake from Dollywood actors unison "spreading their feel good message, but hey, wear a mask, protect the ones you love" kind of bullshit. That makes me angry.


Same but different

People hate Hitler - we are almost all in agreement there. Yet we fail to see what is going on now; what really is making the rounds worldwide under  pretentious lies, deception and utter bold, bad propaganda, on top of huge fines and utterly bad "medical science" that is sold to the public so extremely filled with deception.

Playing on fear in people - and on top misusing their own position totally. From politicians, to authorities to companies (following of course like ducks in a row)

It is a crime against humanity - and yet - you, I and most others - fail to see the Hitler spirit has come back - in different clothes - yet based the same evil of lies, deception and total misuse of power. A new kind of tyranny.

Funny how history repeats itself.

The majority kills off anyone who speaks against the official narrative. And everyone looks at you with disbelief. At the same time, their sources of real "info" is abysmal. No clue about RT-PCR, covid, test procedures, differences, statistics, studies references, the hiv/aids parallel, the SARS parallel, The Swineflu parallel, or the Bird flu and vaccine trial connection... nothing !

What a lackluster.


If you did some homework

You would directly understand how impossible the PCR test is, how misguided the "positive" test results really are in terms of any significance - and the "covid-19 virus" never has been proven to exist - nor does any sample of isolated virus exist (which also the CDC quietly has stated in their document from July 2020 on page 38-39)

No PCR test can show any virus what so ever. Never has - since the invention of PCR.

These PCR tests are not designed to do so. A genetic sequence is NOT the same as being a virus entity. A PCR test can NOT show illness. A PCR test is NOT allowed to be used as diagnostics. (But is worldwide used as exactly that). On top, the RT-PCR test is NOT validated (as a medical product)

The death do not generate over mortality. They are re-labeled death from illness, old age and disease, but also accidents and totally different kind of deaths (to make money as a "covid-19 death brings 3x as much money to hospitals in the US). The death rate from the consequences of lockdown actually is higher than from the claimed "covid-19" deaths in many countries.


Example Japan Suicides vs covid-19 deaths

In Japan, the suicide rate has been falling but it remains a top cause of premature deaths — this year, suicide has taken over 13,000 lives, while total COVID-19 fatalities number less than 2,000.


Reality Check - The Numbers of Deaths in Sweden

The following charts show you, what really has been going on in terms of overall mortality of the Swedish People....

Sweden's highest death rate since 1869 anyone ?


Sweden's highest death rate since 1869 anyone ?


Scotland in comparison (1855-2020)


Canada Flu 2018 vs Covid-19 2020

Copy of each other - In other words: Covid-19 2020 - is a re-labeled flu wave !



Covid-19 / "Corona" is a political-medical induced re-labeled, weaponized influenza wave
An Influenza like any other - but in 2020 treated as if the Black Death has come to town
in order to allow "leaders" to implement worldwide draconian
Hitlerism measures loose onto the world population

You really have not done your homework.
It's only been 75 years ago - yet for every new generation
a hundred million new suckers are born, groomed into an invisible grid of
Systematic lies, deceptions and faked 'truths'.

Wake the fuck up, people !
This laziness and ignorance of ours, is killing us.


Sidenote, regarding new Gen Covid* vaccines

"Not all antibodies are the same. Some will kill you. It's the reason they've been unsuccessful creating a Corona virus vaccine in the last 20 years. Luckily (for them) they are bypassing animal trials which showed how dangerous this vaccine is and going straight to humans trials!

Imagine how many people, who are completely clueless, that they'll be able to kill this way? But it's good for business.

Two birds, one stone."  

* those vaccines sponsored by Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation


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