Stockholm - Snösätra • 13 Oct 2020
clear sky  @ 01.00

Stockholm Arlanda Airport........4.8°C
Stockholm City........7.0°C

Autumn progress


Sicily a lot colder

Even Sicily got a sensitive break-in of temperatures. The day before yesterday Catania had 29°C, but yesterday only 19°C. - and in the afternoon more like 16°C. That must feel almost like "winter" for somebody who lives in Sicily. Because in Winter you get a max of 15°C. in Catania (January).

It is however, only mid October...

Another cold break in will take place next weekend - and then it will return to warmer temperatures.



We will get a cold break-in around Friday 16 October - letting temperatures fall and be on a rather low level - like in mid November. That means, frost at night, and something like 5°C during daytime. This cold airmass will also swoop down to Sicily, albeit the airmass will warm up a bit during it's journey to the south - and still generate 20-22°C MAX.

After the next weekend (21 Oct), summer warm air from Africa might affect Sicily with up to 28°C, perhaps even reaching 32°C. But that prognosis is too far ahead to be accurate.

So, take it with a grain of salt.






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