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Masking Humanity


Day after feeling...

I feel as if yesterday was an unreal day... Did it even happen ? Was I there ?

I mean going to an important gathering isn't something I do normally. I would have to think very very hard, when I was at a gathering the last time. How long has it been ? 10 years ? 15 years ? 20 perhaps ? No, wait 9 years ago at work once. When they tried to fuck our vacations in an untimely manner, the staff protested in a manifesto meeting the superiors of the company - which held themselves separated from the staff with a red-white striped plastic cord.

You can't make that shit up.


Under the Umbrella

But this time yesterday at the WORLD DOCTORS ALLIANCE meeting in Stockholm City - I just felt honestly urgent to take part in something - which revolves around the dire state of the world - humanity at large. The way it is tinkered with lies, deceptions and deceit - including our heads.

The creation of hunger, damages and death worldwide (due to lowdowns, restrictions, curfews and and utter economical destruction going BEYOND any common sense what so ever - putting Billions of people into direct danger of starvation and poverty)


All under the umbrella of "covid-19"

- which is at it's core, grounded in uncorrupted medical papers, studies and statistics - after all - only a flu. And yes, people do die in the flu. Every single year by large numbers. But we are not used to think about that in a larger scale - what that actually means.

Corona is a weaponized re-badged, re-labeled FLU !

It has nothing to do with "foil hat" - because when real numbers, the real procedures, the real unaltered studies - are exactly showing that. Which is largely not much the media shows to us - but do their own little tricks with numbers and "statistic".

A REAL PANDEMIC would kill many ten million of people. The kind of illness where people die on the side of the streets and in homes. just everywhere. Where almost everyone knows people in the larger families, within the circles of friends, who have died.

Look around you ! (quieten your mind!) What is it you actually observe...

All you see, are locked down people, shattered jobs into hundreds of millions (!) and many people who have neither illness nor symptoms (like a classic flu) Now they close more or less entire Europe... again, based on... what exactly ? Think-Tanks and corrupted Science feeds Politics feeds Media feeds politics, feeds authorities. Weaponized all the way - our "democratic" institutions have within a flash completely gone against humanity !

If that is not psychopathic - then I do not know what is.


Masks without awareness

These people... what is so wrong with being honest? (Something I have said several times at my work for example) It's seems like people have... forgotten how to...

That it actually means something; spanning deeper than what reaches the eye.

I do not believe for a single moment that politicians, companies, authorities are even capable of being honest. It has more become a way to say it, rather then backing it up with doing it. Like so many other platitudes we surround ourselves with in the public or official space.

Many are mostly occupied with maintaining a sort of policy. Groomed to death speaking only about what is allowed to be spoken. And yet, there are plenty of unspoken rules for everything - and they ain't defined in a book, nor are they always in favor for human thinking - but more for protecting ego structures.. There are even agreements about preventing you to speak true. As well Punishments for speaking the truths. Talk about Upside Down.

You know - just being honest - used to be something truly human, well understood by the many.

But somehow it just vanished in the public space, in the network of institutions of politics, authorities and many other instances.... It's like everybody maintains a sort of... sanitized version of "truth" - which has more to do with social programming and very little with being honest.


The spirit of the company

Think of it like an invisible, diffuse aura of psychological dynamics within a company's "group-think", steering the human behavior of many others. A negative aura isn't something you can point out as a single person, and yet it surrounds the space and people's minds in a diffuse way.

Like an invisible layer.

A single person is often very friendly and kind of fun, soothing and reassuring. And it is true that you can find many good people actually working for the good side - a side I consider to be human friendly, fair and trying to be just !

But when they get together in higher ranks, a different dynamic takes place, which has a way of manipulating rules, goals and visions - becoming rather dualistic. Strange experimentations which ultimately favors the structure of a company - not the people who make the company.

It reminds me of a predatory animal who always favors and serves itself - for it's own sake - and would sacrifice everything else if it comes that far. That is also what we often see in the public space - and it is widely accepted that companies work that way.

The company always wins as an ego structure - disfavoring humans when it really starts to "burn". Yet, it is humans who are the ground layer, the most important fundament to give a company "life".

It is that weird upside down principle I wish to highlight

That humans, who are the foundation of all companies, the spiritual heart for creation - always seem to loose in comparison to the company's Serve-to-Self structure with it's technocratic fake spirit. Or to say: The company's artificial creation and structure - it is always favored and protected over the human essence, which powers it with effort and energy.

Why is that ?



I believe that in the higher ranks of positions and hierarchies, you find Psychopathy and Technocracy steering humanity - like a cancer degrading the moral essence of man, giving a rats ass of anything but themselves - sending it down to the lower levels gradually making others to tap into a similar pattern of group-think. A kind of reptilian (predatory) character, an energy made of Serve-to-Self wrapped and masked with the glossy visions of fake delight and smiles, protecting itself while indulging others to accept it "the way it is".

Psychopaths simulate the appearance of a humanity.
But ain't human in spirit.

The problem with statistics and numbers

is that they can easily be bent and altered like a whore - regardless if male, female or trans, I may add - by being used with intentions to who what wants to be shown - and hide what wants to be hidden. To give an impression - but not necessarily the truth.

A sort of weaponazation where something normal or even trivial - becomes subverted looking dramatic, explosive, urgent and important.

Statistical numbers and illustrations are today the Soap Operas in Popular 'Science' used in Mainstream Media - the subverted versions of honest science.


Psychopathic Intentions

supporting and spreading a narrative whose ideas been already outlined and planned many decades ago - from psychopaths you wouldn't even want to touch with a tong.

One of the classics , originated from the Club of Rome early 70s; one of those many undemocratic gatherings - is the so called "Global Warming" which then got changed into "Climate Change". Albeit it really started with the threat of Ice Age in the 60s !! (after the global heat in the 30s, the temperatures plummet during the 60s)

Then as the temperatures started to rise again - it was "Global Warming", which however in the mid 00s the the climatic development showed serious lack of support for that narrative, as meteorological observations did not support it all the way, because global temperature reached a plateau. They had to come up with a better, more flexible nonsense word, by weaponizing it.


And so it became "Climate Change".

Which is an ironic title for a dynamic planet like Earth, which always has, and always will be - in a Climate change. That is the very essence of being a dynamic, living planet ! Psychopaths make it into something seriously threatening, by stressing people's minds to the extreme, so we all get freaked out. Above all - always blame humanity. Bad bad filthy humanity - the cause of every evil.

That it actually comes the other way around - is not something Psychopath ever would admit - because that would be the end. Movies always have this wicked narrative of "and humanity destroyed itself".

Well - who steers the ship ? When you have an elite with a couple Trillion Dollars behind - is it the worker in Africa or the Elite Psychopaths who steer the boat ? It's not the local worker in South America who sends fruits and massive chopped off Wood to Europe (so we can pretend to go Eco). It's the global companies who steer the flow of merchandize. And so it is with all the rest of all trade in the world.

But they blame the people for it. Boogiemen. Buhuu.

That's the point where I just can't help myself and say to the 1% Psychopathic Elite: Cocksucker bitches.


This constant blame on humanity

being the big, bad wolf, always destructive, always destroying.... - no wonder people get nervous by freaks like Greta becoming heroes - tied to a huge masked apparatus behind the phenomena of her - steering the flow - grooming the masses even further.

Greta - one of many in a parade of deceptions the World Elite has brought forth as tools to wheel the public opinions. A persona brought forth right from the very beginning in a strategic coup of brainwashing humanity. This was carefully planned - and then - like psychopaths usually do - selling illusions, blaming humanity, while sucking people dry; with more laws, more restrictions, more false visions - while destroying real industries and livelihoods.

All in the name of "Climate Change" intimately tied to the Covid-19 Plandemic, the Black Corona - the latest of tools created - to force the world population into deep submission. By Politic puppets misusing their mandates, both using laws against us as well preparing for Nazi laws** in parallel (not so openly promoted of course - as usual).

With help of our democratic laws turned against us. Mandating muzzles based on unlawful, corrupted medical science - right in front of our own eyes and noses.


** Example:
Germany is preparing a law which eliminates the privacy / sacred space of home.  It is filed under Drucksache 19/23944 of the Deutscher Bundestag, 3 Nov 2020.

Another law is prepared by the EU in this moment to eliminate all encrypted traffic within Europe - opening total surveillance of all digital traffic of every citizen, in which authorities have total access to all privacy.


No Swedish Lockdowns - with strange side effect

It is funny how almost all Governments simultaneously worked together - for the first time in history - to mandate lockdowns and/or mandating to wear masks all over the world.

Besides war, I have never ever seen so much self-made destruction coming from the worlds governments like in 2020 - in such a short time on a global scale. The problem to talk about it here in Sweden is - that we never had any lockdown. This puts me in a weird position, if you want to talk about it with others. Swedes can't truly even emphasize what it is like to live under a lockdown !!!!  They kind of have this mellow stupid look in their eyes... yeaaah, kind of answer. We don't know shit, what it is like for hundreds of million of people, possibly beyond one Billion people - to be without job, money or food.

It's too large to comprehend - and yet it happens right in front of our eyes. By our own Governments, institutions, authorities - being the technocratic puppets of a psychopathic 1% elite, steering the vessle called Earth.

Do you really think it is done for your favor and safety ?

Mission accomplished.

UN Agenda 2030, Huxley's Brave New World, 1984, Aeon Flux - are in essence the same dystopian plans ready to unleash onto humanity. Corona is the flu that got weaponized with help of even the most formidable cocksuckers of Doctor titles, teaching us intruth bad science and medicine. Those are the tickets for a sick psychopathic elite, to rule the lands with blood, insanilty and suffering.

They need to stand trial for Crimes against Humanity by 100%

But first... we need to wake up from our fear slumber, tossing away those stupid muzzles, and steeleyed dare to face evil and deceptions directly in the eye - Enough is Enough !

That is our job as human and spiritual beings, that we are in essence more than just 'stupid' flesh and blood - and we are here with a mission. It's just, we forgot it on our way here to Earth living our lives.

- 221 -