Stockholm - Snösätra • 2 Nov 2020
overcast and at times windy  @ 13.00

Stockholm Arlanda Airport......13.2°C
Sthlm City.....14.1°C

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I am listening to Ingunn Sigurdsdatter

in a video made by Lucas Alexander's channel - "Age of Truth". When it comes to Ingunn Sigurdsdatter, I call her "the Fairy of Norway" - because there is something so strong and shining in her essence, it comes out throughout her entire being. I already listened to her several years ago - like always - by accident - and now I re listen to the almost 2 hour video that was aired in Nov 2018.

I will not interpret her. The experience of listening to her - is one of a kind - and that is something each and everyone who does it too - makes her or his own experience. But I am marveled about her essence, her expressions and how deeply knowledgeable she has become, which includes the spirit side of all things - all together with the material side, black and white, dark and light.

But the way she tells her experiences - shows that she is truly an amazing strong spirit. There is something deeply sincere about her. No make up, no advertising, none of those modern pushed influences and products or what so ever. Instead a deeply personal journey over many years...

Fascinating !

I put a link to the video here • but it is also shown on the frontpage of my homepage






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