Stockholm - Snösätra • 5 Nov 2020
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The Boom Box Boy


Music time, Sal time.

Since Sal is a gym teacher, doing everything from Cardio Dance, Fitboxing to Dancing and Fitstrech classes - for 30 years in Sicily - and known by most in sports in Sicily... well, and since the gym are for the second time closed down there... he moves to Stockholm, as does our dog Tequila "Tekki", living with me.


Sal's gym classes streaming from Stockholm to Sicily

And he continues to stream his classes morning and evening for his students in Sicily - and they do sign up, big times. Which is absolutely fantastic at all levels, when you think about it - because it helps a lot. But his students are not just students - it is almost like one big family, literally. There is tremendous power going on between the people, and their Sal, between Sal and his students as "Friends and family". I have met around 60 people among his students... amazing women in so many ways.

So. Then it hit me - if Sal intends to do outdoor streamed classes... we don't have a music box for that. So, I looked around. Yeah, yeah, I know... JBL this and JBL that. It goes all the way up to the super expensive JBL5 kilo Boombox 2 for almost 500 € here in Sweden.

First I did think of a JBL speaker. You know, small and such, with moderate price. However, my final choice went suddenly into a a totally different direction: KING-W 50 W (70W)


A fraction of the price of a JBL Boombox

For 63 € including shipping and rebate coupon - I got the wireless speaker yesterday, 24 hours battery, USB-C charging... and it just sounds absolutely wonderful. Looks great, tolerates also some rain from what I understand. I am amazed over the rich sound it shows. Of course, at this stage i have not tested the outdoor quality, but it is said to be really good when you put the Extra "party" (?) mode on (70 W) - it really sounds rich indoors. And it get's really, really loud. But it is deep in the night - and I am not doing that now.

It definitely does not weight a whopping, kind of limiting 5 kilo *LOL* comes with a shoulder strap - and just looks great, too.

The King-W is considered to be as good as the multiple more expensive JBL Boombox. And given that that thing costs 350 € in Sweden, and the Boombox 2 starts at 480 €.... mama mia.

The King-W is just amazing - and the price almost ridiculous good. It's easy to manage, easy to pair (no hiccups) and easy to charge.


Let's roooooooock !!!! (Take two)

Then I thought... this thing is so good - why not two. Slightly more expensive now that the rebate was less, but still on rebate - but still so many times less expensive than JBL Boombox - i did not hesitate. With two you can of course pair them into STEREO MODE

That must be an awesome stimulating experience for Sal, being on an outdoor stage here in Snösätra - streaming his powerful classes - while also having a music experience kicking ass in stereo.


Yes, we do have a real outdoor stage in Snösätra.

It is in that special field, surrounded by high trees, and above clear sky (at night) without any direct light sources interfering. A great place, to watch stars and meteors - despite the fact that we are close to the bright city - you can still see quite a lot.

It is a serene place - I pass every single night there, when I walk home though the woods of Snösätra. Sometimes I stop there - just to wind down my thoughts. Just standing still - taking in the starlight. It is also there, they have erected a wooden stage, which only last summer was renewed, made really nice - and is covered from rain.

What is there not to like ?

A perfect place to start outdoor gym classes.

Tekki will love all that outdoor activity *grin* It is also good for her - and she has lost all her overweight since she moved to Torino with Paula and Carla for a longer while. Then she came back to Catania now, where Sal and Tekki are living with Mary, best friend and ex-wife to Sal. And now they are going Stockholm...


So, back to the wireless music boxes

This is my way to support Sal - and especially now in these difficult times for most people - his job the way he creates it now - doing it on his own from Stockholm - feels even more important to support, that things work, you know.

I love Sal's students - met many of those great people who are Sal's friends - and well, I can't think of anything else, than to support that spirit.

It is simply a pleasure.


If one King-W speaker would break

- then that isn't the whole world. Sal can continue to do his outdoor adventures with the second speaker as a back-up. (Nice !!)

And here at home, I have always wanted to feel music in two rooms flowing, when we have a party. When I watched the parties Daniel and I had back in 2010 and 2011 - I realize how absolutely wonderful that truly was.

So much fun, so much joy, so much playfulness !!!!!

So, I ordered the second King-W speaker from Germany, and then in one week it is here - and so will both Sal and Tekki be here with me, at home, like a real married couple !!!


Railway Destination Sign

I also found a sign that says "Stockholm". It is from the older Swedish Railway signs showing the destination. Perfect for Sal when he streams his gym classes. Welcome to Stockholm - we open a portal, in which we do "Budenzauber", Joy and some serious music exercises with great music , speed and action.

It is a mental "Portal", sending his Sicilian students into a mood, that brings people closer, and keeps those who are close - connected; by mind, spirit and heart.

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