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Crimson Symphony


The Unison Corona Script

It is interesting how Europe, the people - are now - once again - under lockdown in most countries. Argentina however just came out of the worlds longest lockdown of 8 month. But it ain't free - as the same shit like social distance is mandatory. I think somebody in the 7th grade created that sick joke of "social distancing".

I also believe it is one of the psychological weapons, to divide people - and make the effect last for more than just a year or so. Like a trojan horse, injecting something far deeper reaching into the minds of men.


Everything for a ... flu

A flu which has been weaponized, rebadged and carefully planned to bring down the already deeply sick, erroneous financial system. Under the Umbrella of Covid-19 - an immense power grab of never seen proportions in human history - takes place right under our noses, transferring ultra wealth and power to the already ultra rich

You realize that those are psychopaths - and those are not human (more like manipulated humans, where something seriously went wrong, incurable) - they can't even think straight in the light of their egos and bizarre reasoning which does not follow any normal human traits or values (but instead are EMULATED by the psychopaths as looking human)

Under the disguise of well oiled speeches - they are animalistic and cancerous for human society

The Psychopathic mind lives and thrives on selling great illusions, shapes and expressions to those they secretly consider to be weaker, naive and stupid. However, they tend to make you "the most important thing" if necessary serving a purpose. Their purpose. They will lie at all times without a single second of  real regret, selling it to you as the truth and nothing but the truth. For all times !

They suck you dry and throw you away. Next !

No smile is worth that. None of their visions deserves to be listen to. None of their attractive (or not) charming eyes are worth to be captured from. They laugh their way to the banks - while you are helping to dig a grave for yourself, as well humanity at large. Without being aware of it. Or because of deep fear ? Perhaps stored anger ? And for God knows what else...


Authorities who encourage people to...

People have shown to be fully capable of pointing out others as danger to society, because you are not wearing a mask !! Authorities which provide special numbers you can call - encouraging you to point them out. Everyone who does not obey.

But wait... this sounds vaguely familiar... like an distant echo from the past. Very Hitlerism, is it not ? We see it now in the US, in England and in Germany. Also in other countries we never ever thought, that ghost would reappear.

The strange thing is - that we do not even recognize the patterns, compared to our own past of destructions. And many wondered along the road of life, why could that what happened back then - in the 30s and 40s happen - and yet we fail to recognize the same awkward signs in 2020.

How educated are we really today ?


On top the politicians roll out bizarre laws

(the people never truly voted for) with the speed of light, depriving people from freedom, democracy and rights, destroying jobs and income - as well delegate extreme fees and mandatory bullshit masks - never designed to even capture viral particles - but instead making people sick (pneumonia, lower oxygen levels, damages of brain cells, and literally dangerous to all asthmatics)

Asthmatics already fight against a chronic inflammatory processes in their bodies ! Putting masks on their faces - put them into grave danger - there is simply do doubt about that !


One fucking global experiment.

While at the same time - for every another lockdown day - the global oligarchs make a Billion dollars. One day. Every day.



In England:  The Army is running tests on children - without consent of the parents (link)

• Bring in the military to run Covid19 tests.
• Test children without getting parental consent first.
• Identify each individual with a “unique barcode”.
• “Isolate” and “secure” anyone who tests positive.


Just one of a thousand examples going on

which either or both explains our non bothering perhaps we are too much brainwashed already, or/and b) that we have come too far into a ne era of Hitlerism-Fascism-Communism 2.0. In such a fast way, while 2020 has not even ended - we are already in it - and into the second lockdown's in the world.

Going even quicker than the first time back in the 30s. We call us modern and educated, right under your noses and bare eyes - we just go along, wear masks and jitter for a virus - that has never been isolated nor purified in the eyes of true science. As nobody has a living example of cultivated, purified SARS-CoV-2 virus - when you ask the WHO or CDC where it is.

They have none.


So, where is the virus ?!

The SARS-CoV-2 is a model. Made of 37 viral FRAGMENTS captured from PCR tests - while a COMPUTER MODEL then filled in the gaps into a model of a whole virus. It means the computer model simulated an assumption of 20.000 genes - molded together into a phantom creation virus model called "SARS-CoV-2" virus.


The Result

A virus MODEL of a PRESUMED virus which NOBODY has a live sample of the whole virus entity. That is how they did it. It is a model, not a virus.

"How can educated members of the human race, in this day and age, with all the resources of knowledge and awareness available to those who have the desire and energy to search for truth, possibly buy into such lies that are unfolding, raping humanity and its livelihood worldwide ?"


The German Government and the new Contagion Law

They are about to bring forth a new "contagion law", which removes the shielded private sphere of people's homes - no more to be private or sacred. In other words, the German psychopathic Merkel Government creates las that allow police and military to enter private homes without consent.

It is in the name of a Plandemic whose definitions by the WHO had been changed and degraded two times since 2008/09, in order to call out for a global Pandemic for anything that does not even remotely define a true Pandemic.

Even a flu is now qualified by the WHO to be titled as "PANDEMIC".

Without honest science and medical evidence for "Covid-19" (when you really dig into the numbers and nature extremely inaccurate nature of PCR tests) - based on that, politicians take the right to create fascistic laws out of thin air - letting Police and Military enter the private sphere of people's homes.

For whatever reason.

Under the Umbrella of freedom, democracy, stability and safety.

What could possibly go wrong ?


So, tell me... ?

How many fresh cream cakes do I need to throw in your face, in order to wake up ?


Covid-19 Concentration Camps

I know. The Stupid "fact checkers" - love this theme - to call it fraudulent and fake news. But you see - when the Political House in Canada talks about it (there are videos on that) but defines that "confinement law and isolation camps" not just for covid-19 but also for others (without defining what "others" mean, even refusing to answer on such an important question....)

And the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, says it herself (while laughing !) what that is about... then I don't consider that to be anything close to "fake news" - but coming directly from the mouth of the horse. Or devil.

Maybe I should I say - coming from incurable psychopaths !

I get to it. Just wait...



Masks, Oxygen deprivation, CO2 increase

Another lovely subject with "Fact checkers" and various mainstream media sources write about - is to claim that wearing masks are not dangerous, does nothing to health, and does not decrease oxygen, and does not increase CO2 from your re-breathe your exhaling breath.

No shit, Einstein.

You only need an INSTRUMENT to check the level of oxygen to see that it immediately goes down when wearing a mask ! Such a garbage science, when "legit" "quality newspaper" write propagandistic shit that masks are harmless.

That is utterly bullshit and a damn lie.

Masks were never created to block nano-small viral particles. Never ever. The pores of masks are 100-1000x larger than the diameter of a viral particle ! With a mask - you are trying to capture viral particles with help of a chicken net !



Of course do we breathe out CO2

and then due to the masks we breathe it back in - and therefore the content of oxygen drops even further. Hemoglobin in our red blood cells, will bound more easily to that (and carbon monoxide of course), rather then to oxygen.

So, you do get less oxygen.

Some parts of your body are very sensitive to lower oxygen: THE BRAIN !


Supports the creation of cancerous cells

The blood starts to get lower ph (sour). A sour environment on cellular basis, is highly favorable for the creation of cancer cells, especially if you are already on a funky metabolism due to bad air, contaminated water, junk food, lack of vitamins. Because the consumption of sugar already in itself favors a more sour environment on cellular level - which when the cell lacks oxygen, starts to change into a cancer cell by survival instinct. It then uses fermentation in order to get energy to the Mitochondria - but that takes 20x more energy - and creation lots of toxic bi products. So please, save the bullshit about "Masks are harmless". People do not even know what the fuck they are doing !

Masks certainly are not to your favor.


You get used to oxygen depravation - but the process does not stop !

That is part of the danger with wearing mask - that you will get used to lower oxygen levels ! At first you may encounter periods of headaches - but then those disappear. You adjust to it - but the degradation process in the brain - does not stop ... What happens is that brain cells slowly start to die off. Neurons you do not get back.

On top of that - the moist environment of a mask accumulates bacterial growth and infections - and already now we are seeing that pneumonia cases are on the rise because of the masks. We also see people fainting, especially children in the streets and in stores (many reports from Germany)

We also see car drivers fainting / creating accidents (US) due to that they wear a mask while driving - which leads to increased impaired judgment.

Like the Sicilians say..... Uomini-uominiki é quaquaraquà


The chemical stuff masks are made off

you breathe into your lungs. As particles. Creating irritation and reactions over time, especially those who are sensitive or already have illnesses / inflammatory processes going on. These chemical irritants are by the body considered to be toxins - and that adds more strain to the body, trying to get rid of those. It is our own cells that are creating VIRAL PARTICLES - in order to neutralize toxins - and to detoxify our body !!

The creation of more viral material - and the nonsense PCR test reacting to all kinds of viral, bacterial and fungal RNA/DNA gives much easier positive "covid-19" results. As everything appears to be couldn't like that. (Oh by the way, at the same time, flu has gone down globally by 95%. No shit !!!! That is something unheard of - that the flu cases suddenly drop by -95%). Doesn't this coincidentally seem odd ?

To me, it does.



The likelihood that you test positive from wearing a mask for hours every day increases ! To the joy of the political and medical psychopaths who terrorize the human family with accumulated numbers of "Covid-19 positive" cases, supported by the unison fear mongering reports and screams by the global media outlets, who all cackle with the same tone and content with bad, stupid, fraudulent "science", wrapped in nice "reports" and "experts". And pretty bad to call in source references.

Follow the money, if you want to know what kind of good or bad science has been applied, and then sanitized and twisted through our mainstream media (as well some of the alternative media being partially controlled oppositions) doing the same shit.


Ultra exclusive club for mutual masturbation & admiration

We paid every fuck of those politicians and their corrupted collaborators under the invisible cloak of autocracy, the medical psychopaths. We have been doing it for decades. As well to the military industrial complex, the shit media as well Big Pharma and Big Food - with our tax money globally, annually, monthly and daily. Now we pay for everything again and more.

The global debts has risen by 40% in 2020 alone.
Where do you think the money goes.

Not into your pockets where it is needed. But endless Trillions into the gap of monsters who made democracy into a global oligarchy - an ultra exclusive club for mutual masturbation & admiration - who just can't help themselves than to subvert everything that stands for humane humanity.


Neurological: The Messiah Complex

They are diehard believers - made themselves wired that way - and with help of the 'Messiah Complex' which in neurology is a stage in which you act, but nobody says against you - just agrees with you and your ideas. This literally changes the structure of the brain and after 8-9 years, your brain has rewired itself. Very common this those big folks like Bill Gates, Elon Musk and thousands of other "heroes" and "Philanthropists"



A loved Child has many names...

The final Gift of Psychopaths with Messiah Complex is - the perverted idea of a global population reduction (Bill Gates has never been shy to state that publicly - just to name one).

The other more Hitler-like figure is the head of Economic Forum in Davos - Mr Klaus Schwab.

He literally sounds like a second Hitler, writes books and makes speeches about the "Great Reset" - henceforth every hen and cock speaks with same expressions and phrases based into the network of long planned agendas such as • UN Agenda 2030 / • Great Reset / • Global Population Reduction / • The Totalitarian Global State / • One World Government.

Different names - Same Core Psychopathy.


There is no cure for for Psychopaths !

They are psychopaths for life time - and nowadays a globally more or less diffusely organized yet strangely synchronized as malign cancers eating away humanity by it's roots, subverting us into oblivion - in which we are tricked into doing the major work to accomplish that ! If we continue to just eat pizza and pretend it rains outside while we willingly castrate others verbally with names like tinfoil hat and Conspiracy Theorists - you pave the way, greatly.

If you think psychopaths are your best buddies and protectors - well let's see how long that will last. They just might bite you seriously in the ass, and you ain't getting it back, nor is it going to grow back either.

The greatest Conspirators are... the psychopaths and politicians who are now on stage big times. What a self-sacrificing Chore, those heroes. The stage for them is set - and there is no return as of now (how can they return - after everything they already have destroyed).

So, they walk the Covid line... all the way.

Almost ever Government does the same - in the most strange way, acting unison, speaking unison, using the same expressions, and most re-introduce lockdown's and mandatory masks. One time. Second time. Third time. Fourth time. Oh and the never ending preaching of Vaccines.

Since when have vaccines ever helped against a flu, stupid ????

The act unison, a global script.

Just take a look around in the world.


The psychopathic game is always to blame others

Or to pretend they haven't heard the question, changing subject, or preferably the best solution is to.... avoid to confrontation. And Politicians are strangely free from responsibilities. They never get charged for crime through the measurements they introduce. Always protected by law to go free from any responsibility.

That is so odd in my opinion. Try to turn the stakes around - and see how far you get... not very far.

For the politicians is an easy match - thus the media NEVER asks unpleasant questions anymore. Why would they. They work in the same league nowadays. There is no more difference between politics, media and cooperations. They are all active in the same camp.

We never said Stop. ENOUGH ! BASTA BASTARDI !!!!

Politicians can speak "freely" into the state channel - introducing more curfews, more restrictions, more "contagion laws", bypassing all democratic rules and laws, crossing boundaries never seen before in modern human peace times. They delegate state terror and destruction upon their population - while sleeping very well at night.

Those are Psychopathic Games in the name of "Democracy".
They also love to call it "saving lives".


Welcome to the ship of fools.

- 226 -