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Covid-19 Concentration Camps


Millitary language of "Zones"

It is interesting how Europe is now more and more under lockdown - together with the military language of "zones"; green, yellow, orange and red.

I watched a miserable (yet good) TV series called "Years and Years" - and somehow, boy did they punch it. How many ingredients of what rolls out now (and is planned to roll out) - is also in the "fiction" of that TV Series "Years after Years" in the cute, clumsy brittish kind of style.

Of course, they included "camps" and "red zones" and "contagion"...


Covid-19 Camps

Now where have I seen and heard this before.... Camps ? Right...

Canada, US (CDC), Italy, New Zealand... The Prime Minister of New Zealand - PM Jacinda Ardern - unfolding plans of "Covid-19" Camps... In which she says (and laughs !): "And do not think that you get released after 14 days. Oh no. You will stay there another 14 days..."

Who decides who goes and does not ? Who surveils those processes behind closed gates, doors and walls ? Do you for a single second believe, this is done with honesty ? If it would - then we would have honesty revolving Covid-19 RT-PCR tests are NOT validated to be used for Diagnosis.



21 minutes

Watch the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern
and Dr Ashley Bloomfield, Health Minister of New Zealand
speaking about "isolation facilities" because of "covid-19" (positive cases)

It's fascinating about people claiming this is "conspiracy" - while at the same time
they are spitting it into the the public face, the plans for Covid-19 camps.

Open debate in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, Canada,
also touches the subject of Covid-19 camps and
that the law is not limited to only Covid-19 positives, but also others.

Listen to the psychopaths directly.


Is this how they did it back in the Hitler days ?
Do we once again, do the same shit, supporting these evil people
who speak like snakes making you believe it is all
for the geater common good


I do not consent !

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