April. April. Weather

So, this is what we get in terms of weather. Simply normal April weather. On the chilly side, with showers, rain, snowflakes, sunshine. Nothing out of the ordinary (really). Neither too warm, neither too cold. Of course you can wish for warmer weather...but it ain't seem to happen for the next 2 weeks.

Updated Prognosis made on 3 Apr 2012 20:00


Updated Prognosis made on 4 Apr 2012 14:00


  It reminds me of April 1993

The Prognosis made from 2 Apr, and 3 Apr, remind m me more like Apr 1993. Turning out on the cold side for most of the month (except for the very sudden, extreme temperature rise to 26.4°C in the end of the month - which was unparalelled in Stockholm history). 

Which I will show below to the left. As you can see the first 2-3 weeks were on the cold side, with frost down to -5°C in the City center (colder in the suburbs). Day time was around 5°C, and barely touching 10°C.

Then during the last week of April 1993, it all changed into some that felt so extreme and strange. Nature EXPLODED within a few days; the trees went from empty to full. It was fascinating !




17 April 1993


Per-Olof and I went cruising at the Stockholm Freskati - and I remember we complained about the constant chilly weather, still was going on albeit half of the month had passed. I made a few portraits of him with the Leica M6 and Konica 100 color film, with the  Leica Noctiliux-M 50/1 lens. It is possible that the date actually was 15 April or even 20April. But the Polaroids were taken 17 April 1993. 



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