World of Dualities

I can pretty often get a feeling of being in a state of limbo - not really knowing where I am, where I am going, what i am doing.

It's not easy to explain - because I am not talking about the physical whereabouts. I am not talking about the straight kind of labeling activities, thoughts and plans. I am not talking about the very common phenomena of going in "auto mode", which we often tend to mix up with "typical, normal daily life".

I believe that the state of the Corona business is what enhances the weird sense of "Duality" and "Limbo" feelings. It has from an energetic point of view, pretty much disturbed many people around the world. And many times in the most awful way, due to that millions of households are shattered, businesses destroyed - and the life and livelihood of endless many are at stake. How do you even comprehend any of that ? I assume, we don't even think about it. Nor do we think about the millions who do not get other important medical treatments, because the wale called "corona", has pushed out all the babies. Anything and everything goes, in the name of Corona.

One hell of a black crown, if you ask me.

My life in Sweden is good - geeze, I certainly have nothing to complain about, what so ever. I mean, one of the few places where life still can go on pretty normal, if you shut your eyes, you will not really see or feel any difference. It's only when you observe and notice the differences - then you realizes, that yes, they are here too. It's just not much in your face, while living in your personal bubble, you so called daily life.

It's as long you do not want to "step outside". Once you start dreaming about journeys - that's when it starts to hit you. The outrageous expensive, fraudulent PCR tests which are required for every shit along the road if you travel... is obscene, and directly criminal. But hey, business as usual. And often in this weird subverted way, as a new standard, a new normal. So, once again, people kind of "accept" it.

You pay a lot of money for absolute medical garbage, since no PCR test can truly claim to be valid to prove infection (of any kind).


Antigen tests are not much better, given that our immune system isn't just relying on one thing, when it comes to fending off and protect. You can easily be immune, despite having no anti-gens to show in tests. And those fast tests, which you can shell out up to 300 Euro per test, are 98% false when you test "asymptomatic people", e.g. people who do not have symptoms (because they are not sick, and they are NOT disease carriers). Also that, thanks to fraudulent Dr Drosten's "medical" paper, we have the shit going on regarding "asymptomatic spread",which the lockdowns are all based on... On a lie. The Wuhan Study with 10 million people, shows that very clearly.

Do you go to the doctor when you have no symptoms ? Usually not. And usually you are not a spreader of disease.

The whole Corona Plandemic is based on fraudulent (Dr Drosten, Berlin) RT-PCR tests. When the media writes of "outbreaks" and "new cases" and "new infections" - it is because of "positive" PCR tests.

Fraudulent positive PCR tests, I may add.

And in the name of Corona, we destroy the world, brainwash our citizens, scare the shit out of everyone, and without vote or agreement, sideline most nations Basics laws, in favor of nazi-fascist laws. And we clap our hands, and demand even stronger lockdowns.

The state of "wokeness" is absurd, absolutely detrimental to everything that stands for the good and light aspects of life and living.


Layers of dark energy

Yes - the whole Corona Plandemic, is like a massive layer of negative energy, which has penetrated the minds of humanity, and takes it's toll. Especially from an energetic point of view, it kind of makes you - your SOUL - not able breathe fully. Almost like having mask on. It makes me feel off, it makes me avoid to dream, it makes me feel as if I don't get anywhere, while being emotionally stuck in a limbo. In a rush of consumption - where no product really can make up for the lack of soul, spirit, dreams, party, music...

I guess, I am a pretty sensitive guy behind the face of an aging, scruffy appearance. While I do smile and laugh a lot - there is this deep seriousness behind dwelling almost all the time. When I smile, it is a short break from the seriousness dwelling in my soul.


Kidnapping the good sense of sex & romance

I notice another profound effect from this 14 month of Corona Plandemic has.... and that is SEX !

The lack of sex, I would say. The lust for sex, is different. More mechanic. It comes now and then, in the shape like basic needs/urges. Like when you mechanically eat your meal, for example. You do it, either with yourself, or a few times with others, because your body is craving it.

But everything else around it - is kind of gone. The excitement. The lusting. The playfulness. The wanting to of having romantic sex. The intimacy. The Love.

All the finer tones in it - is gone.

Sal and I have not had much sex at all, since his arrival in Stockholm in Nov 2020. OK, sure - it is winter in Stockholm - and we had a huge lack of sunshine during a very long time. That does change hormones. And this winter was really bad in that regard (lack of sunshine). But still...


Sal and I share lots of kisses and hugs

- but the drive for sex, feels in me... bla-ha... kind of meh ! It reminds me of a fire that doesn't burn, really. (which has nothing to do with Sal). We share a wonderful relationship, and I absolutely love being together all three; Sal and Tekki.

So, I guess I am mainly struggling with myself, in the hidden, so to speak. Perhaps it is also a lack of orientation, and focus. I do not focus much on dreams coming true. I am often far too busy studying the many, and complicated aspcts behind the Plandemic.

I often just work (at night driving subways), eat, spend huge amounts of time at the computer, studying a LOT (and sometimes also doing... just nothing).


I just can't breathe that feeling of sex & romance

I would like to - but it is missing a vital ingredent. Sparks. Flashes. Something that make it fun to engage in. Instead; It is the feeling of hanging in between two worlds. The one that was, and the one that "is" now.... this fake construct of "living in a Plandemic" with all the rules and shit based on highly doubtful (but worth to explore deeper) kind of life. It isn't anything I truly feel wanting to identfy myself with... It all feels like an endless long "transport road".


In between worlds...

Caught in the middle somewhere, between Point A and Point B, where "B" is not even defined or outlined. But a strong, lingering feeling of that it ain't anything you want to live in daily life. A society obsessed with distance and mouth diapers, in the name of the great health god - the new subverted "medicine" - I consider to be worth shit.

Then there is the illusion of "the old world coming back" - which I do not honestly believe in... Yet a part of me, kind of wants it. Wants something to happen, which speaks the dark spells over people. But it is also a waste of time, because the dark players behind the scenes, have a lot of plans for humanity - and it ain't serving you nor me.

The saddest part is - that many people believe in the new, dark Corona God. This fake God, the gradual Nazi world 2.0 which separates groups, under the spell of "medicine, security and safety"  while quietly dstroying nations and humanity.


One hell of Immunity

Most believe it without actually realizing, and not wanting to dig deeper. They believe it, they are on the right side, and they do it - with all their might. They even accept experimental genetic "vaccines" to be just another bunch of normal vaccines. Without hesitation. And thinking - it is the ticket out of the "pandemic".

Yet, you're neither immune, nor protected against "covid-19", you have to continue to do "social distancing", and you have to continue to wear masks, albeit masks have never ever in history been a protection against viral debris or viral fragments.

Like in 1934 with the Nazi Health passport... introducing "Green Vaccine Passports" 2021/22, to make you be allowed to participate in your basic rights... (e.g. rights that you always have - but now suddenly, you have to "earn" it (get "vaccinated" with experimental, genetic injections) in order to travel, to go to the store, to go to events and so on.

One hell of Immunity !

Do we ever learn ? Year 1934. Year 2021.
The people of this world - still sleeping.







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