Mary and... Carla, taking the "vaccine"

Sal's ex-wife and best friend, Mary, works as a school teacher. Now the Italian Government says teachers must "vaccinate". They do not consider, that it is still an experimental, open trial (until 2022) and unknown experimental mRNA genetic therapy.

Once you take it - there is no going back. You tinker with the fundamental setup in the protein machinery of your DNA-RNA complex in very cell. Once you take the injection - the changes can never be undone. The consequences - can never be undone. And your insurance, will not cover the damages.

You are essentially opening a can of worms.

The ingredients of this genetic injection - each one of them pose large risks.

Nanoparticles are known to cause tumors after 2 years. The positive charged lipids, create massive cell death, due to maximal oxidative stress. The only way for the body to get rid of the lipids, is cell death (on a massive scale) Especially heart, liver and kidneys are affected, but also the brain. 

No wonder, that Israel reports unusual high amounts of people coming in for acute heart failures and issues after the massive vaccination campaign in the country. The mRNA "vaccine" undoubtedly does that - and the positive charged lipids are the primary candidates. After all, when the heart experience massive cell death... you can bet to get serious heart trouble. The heart is a tough bitch, but also very sensitive to both cell death, as well oxygen deprivation (e.g. wearing masks).


Carla, Sal's daughter

considers to take the "vaccine", too :-(

She wants to travel. This really came as a chock... I can't believe that she is going to believe the... promise. I man of "traveling". The constant promise of something... always somewhere lingering in the future, like a carrot ahead of you... (where it usually stays... always ahead of you) Just in order to get you where they want you to be. And then - they give a rats ass what happens.

It's a devils promise.

Who is going to live your life for you - if you aren't living yours ?

Do you believe, the devil keeps it's promise ? Why bother - once you take the vaccine, state, gov and insurance - give a shit. You are not covered. Why ? because the "vaccine" is not approved to be safe. It is still in human trial until 2022, Moderna until 2023. They only got emergency approval to be used - not final, safety approval.

Therefore the insurances will not cover any damages. All vaccine companies are all given the Carte Blanche. None of them have to cover any damages. Why ? Because our governments have made such agreements, that the Big Pharma companies do not have to pay for damages.

Go figure.


Sal is devastated today.

He cried when he heard about Mary having to take the "vaccine", (or consider to take it, because they mandate teachers & hospital staff ), and then Carla, actually considers to take "in order to be able to travel".

What has that to do with health ?!

Who is going to travel, if death rides with you ?
Who is going to travel, if illness is ending the vacations ?


In the path of death

According to the EMA (European Medicine Agency, in Amsterdam) 15% of the vaccinated die (85 years) from the nw experimental vaccines.

People between 65 and 85 years old - 5.2 % have died.

Great pension, isn't it ?


150.000+ reported side effects / 3 months

have been reported within 3 month at the EMA. Note, that the majority of all experimental vaccine death are not reported officially. Only a fraction.

4000+ people have died (officially) due to the vaccines in Europe. The real number however is much, much higher. Usually only 3-10% are reported/registered.

A whopping number for something which claims to protect you. But the vaccines do not create immunity. It is a lie. And the medical data is there - but the media twists it, making it look like protection.

Nobody reads the fine print.

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