I slept... a lot

It's interesting how the body appears to demand more sleep, when events the day before drains it of energy. Yesterday was such a day. Then I slept something like 10 hours or so. And after i woke up, th world felt clearer; less "desperate", less "confusing", less of that feeling of "not knowing what to do". It reminds me almost of a sort of alignment. A seltn review which givees me a sense of where I pssoibily went wrong (yesterday), and where I should be too worried, and where my way of acting was appropriate.

Really, much like a sense of alignment.

The past double free days, off from work - went away like in a flash. Yesterday feels like a fog, a kind of haze like. Sal was of course, off too. Out of worry to what might happen, when Carla takes a "vaccine", in order to "get back her freedoms". Or so they say - because that is the fucking carrot they always entice people with "on the other end of the tunnel".

A tunnel they themselves (The powers to be) have created... accodring the principle "Problem. Reaction. Solution".

Lawyer Reiner Füllmich, from the Outer Parlimentatian Investigative Corona Committee in Berlin, said "It has never ever been about Health. Everything revolving Corona, has never been about people, health or protection".

After 47 fully transperent meetings of the Investigative Committee - many of them 5-7 hours long - in the Investigative Corona Committee - with hundreds of interviews of people, medical staff, viologists, microbiologists, etc - from all around the world... a very different image has emerged, what really lies behind "Corona".

And in ain't pretty.

Here is an interview from with Reiner Füllmich, highly interesting !

Lawyer Reiner Fuellmich

"We have the Evidence"

(Investigative Corona Committee)
April 8th, 2021

in english

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