We said - "Never again..."

while failing to discern, what is happening right now

I felt it was one of the heaviest contents in the Investigative Corona Committee series. I listened to it 2 times (10 hours) yesterday and went to bed like a stone, because it was so heavy, angering, and deeply disturbing. Today it was better, in order write about the info here in our forum:


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Investigative Corona Committee Berlin • No 62

"In The Eye Of The Storm"

Interview with Dr Bryan Ardis & Dr Wolfgang Wodarg
(mainly english + some german)


Dr Fauci's mandates to use only Gilead's antiviral drug Remdesivir, must be used by all doctors and hospitals in the US, while forbids all other treatments for covid-19 hospitalized patients - results into a genocide in US (500.000+ people) in the time of March to Octoboer 2020. Those then generate the scary "covid-19 deaths" numbers to force people to believe that Covid-19 is a widely and highly deadly disease.

Gilead's anti-viral drug Remdesivir - is toxic and lethal and NOT FDA approved. In reality it is a DNA terminating drug: It terminates DNA in all cells, like highly toxic cancer treatments do.

FDA knew all along that Covid-19 vaccines can result into severe side effects, creating more than 105 diseases (before "vaccines" started for adults in Dec 2020) !

Covid 19 vaccines extreme high death toll (45.000 deaths, but most likely more than [additional] 500.000+)

FDA created a brand new disease for children was created MIS-C in Oct 2020 (spanning severe side effects in children, exactly equivalent to Covid vaccin damages) - 10 months later (now) we are seeing exactly those, showing up in high numbers in children.


Remdesivir side effects

among other things, create acute kidney failure after 3-5 days. It induces many of the Covid-19 considered symptoms, as the kidneys get compromized, water is building up in the bowl, then in the lungs, leading to severe respiratory problems. Many Doctors are misdiagnosing X-Rays, as they often fail to distinguish between pneumonia and pulmonary lung edema - by interpreting them wrongly as "pneumonia". Wrong diagnosis. Wrong treatments. People die in very high numbers.


The drug was not FDA approved.

It showed out of 4 drug candidates, to be the most lethal of all four was the experimental Remdesivir (which originally was used against Ebola - in which the people died primarily from the drug). Remdesivir failed in the (covid19) trial, got prematurely taken out of the study, because it was so deadly. Even Fauci's own drug (unknown name), was the second most deadly of the four candidates.


Gilead's Remdesivir Side effects:

Multiple organ failure
Acute Kidney failure
Septic chock (blood poisioning)
High Blood pressure (hypertension)

is the company who in medication experiments in Georgia, Europa - lead to hundreds of deaths.

Gilead is also behind the very slow Kidney destructive "anti hiv" drug, PreP, almost all Gay people are taking without even thinking.


The treatment protocol in the US

used between March - October 2020, Fauci mandated that all US hospitals and doctors must only use Remdesivir, no other treatment was allowed for hospitalized covid-19 labeled patients. Hydroxychloroquine was forbidden. The latter was used at an early stage in 2020, but 10x overdosed - due to the deliberately faulty WHO protocol - leading to death for many people (see Bergamo, and some EU countries during April 2020)

This protocol Fauci ordered in the US - resulted into the highest death rates in the US of "Covid 19" - to scare the people into obedience.

In Oct 2020 the FDA had an internal meeting - prior the release of the Covid-19 vaccines (in Dec 2020). That information that was shown in a presentation, showed horrifying details: the FDA was fully aware of that the side effects of the Covid-19 vaccines induce 110+ illnesses, including death, miscarriages of pregnant women, 5 different blood clotting disorders, etc

Oct 2020 • FDA • Children & Covid-Vaccines

The FDA created a brand new disease in 2020 called MIS-C (Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children) Given that SARS-CoV-2 / Covid 19 largely isn't affecting children - why would the FDA create a totally new disease definition, which just happen to be equivalent to the side effects that Covid-19 "vaccines" induce in children** ?!
**(younger than 12 years old)



Severe inflammations in multiple organs of the body
Eyes, brain, kidneys, spleen, skin, eyes, gastrointestinal system.

In VAERS not a single case is reported, while in the CDC own database, 4200 cases been officially reported.


Shedding / transmission to Children from vaccinated parents

Reports on children as young as 2 having hours after parents got vaccinated, menstruation like ejections. Also reports from 4 and 6 year olds. Spike proteins and anti-bodies of vaccinated transmitted through skin, semen, sweat, coughing. Also (general all ages?) auto-immune diseases in other people caused from shedding.

All this was known in Oct 2020 at the FDA, in their documents.

It is atrocious !

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