They Do It... Again.

Interesting songtext from 2004 (Vacuum "They Do It Again")
given of how the underpinnings
play out in today's narrative of 2021, once again calling upon the same evils
which we once so proudly said, would never allowed to happen again,
happens all over again.

Blinded by fear and lies, we blame those
like before, blamed others for the evils of the world.

All in the name of the paper-gods.
Power, greed, deception, control and death.

In a mass hypnosis, which repeats over and over again.
While Evil is laughing all the way to the banks
and watching how we, humans, so easily go along, destroying each other,
group against group
instead of staying together - uprooting the masked evil once and for all,
which has anonymously held humanity in captivity for ages.

If we continue to do Evil's puppets bidding, adore their "leadership"
the way we do now, here and today
thinking we are supporting the good, the healthy and the protective-
only death and illness will prevail

It has already started - in the hidden
- and it ain't the virus.
It's in the solution that is provided
starting to kill people
in vast numbers.

While you... we, are still asleep.

You hate those, who try to tell you
to point out, making you aware
that it is about time
to wake up
before it is too late.

You look at me, with the stare of indifference
You see nothing. Your mind is mute. Your senses numb.
You feel on the  safe side, the winners side.
No need to care.
Because that is what you feel
deep down, it ain't really bothering you.

I can see sadness
loss of friends, buddies and family
- blind leading the blind

Knowing, one must to let go
I will not insist on trying to talk to you
The path of choice, to choose your experience
ultimately must be your own,
right or wrong


All lessons.


- 77 -