My Photo Archive is so vast now, I realize - it spans over several decades of photography. In my case, photography has always been intimately connected to the people near me. And that means, there are all still there, as if yesterday - albeit 30 years have passed. They stand there, vivid, clear, sharp - right in front of my eyes. Yet decades have passed. And all this, from year to year, months to months.

When I make Time Travel journeys though my photo archive, it usually gets' to me after a longer time. Like a weird, twisting and tucking feeling in my stomach. I cannot deny, that yes, it still get's to me. The memories, the feelings and emotions, the spoken and the thoughts. I have always been a very sharp image based person - which means emotions locked to images, stay that way. What was said and spoken, and perhaps even more interesting - the feelings that crawled beneath the surface of situations...

I sometimes thought, that this would ease over time. And to some degree it does - but it never truly fades away. It reminds me more of a scent, which when you encounter it after 30 years - it goes straight into your mind, and connects you with that time.... long time ago, as if it would be now.


Boxes. Of Memories.

That kind of thing. This is how it works for me. Memories are like boxes. When I open them, I know exactly, i feel exactly, I remember exactly. I assume that my passion for photography over almost 40 years, has highly contributed to that. I mean, everything stays much more in memory - because of the memories that are "immortal" (as long they remain in an accessible archive, I mean).

It's strange you know. the whole thing about memories, time travel, feelings, emotions, thoughts. The beloved people in it, which then wasn't so beloved anymore, for so many reasons between earth and sky. Today you can loose people over almost nothing, it seems. That far we have come in humanity. When you scratch the surface or someone about something - people are more like local 15 minute divas in their own show. And you're gone, honey. That kind of thing.

Pretty picture, ain't it ?


The modern human being - what a bunch of crap we tell ourselves

A bunch of mob mentality kind of soap actors we have become - but do not tell. Do not scratch that surface. Do not test that. Most people will neither admit for realize such aspects about themselves. It seems the ego has preserved a sort of self- imaginary version of our high qualities. While at the same time, we dismiss, hate or freeze out anyone who for example calls in question a narrative, such as clime change or the Corona Pandemic with it's "vaccines", which are anything but vaccines. Or to bother people with that hundred thousands of people already have died because of those experimental genetic injections.

To loose people over such things - is mind boggling. But whining and crying over that, why didn't more people STAND UP before the SECOND WORLD WAR, and make resistance.


Well, look around.

Then you have the answer - 85 years later. Now you know. Because most of us, are exactly the seem - and like back then, didn't want to see. Rather froze out people who call in question, and call them names. And ultimately dehumanizing groups of society - and then the system killed them off, one or the other way. While the majority went with the new reality of a Third Reich.

We thought we learned so much.

We fucking learned absolutely nothing.

We are right now, doing exactly the same thing. The only difference between the Third Reich an today's World is, that the unvaccinated still do not wear yellow stars, you modern cocksucker bitches.


We will have to pay the highest price

ever since Second World War. When it hits in your face, already way after midnight, it will hurt tremendously when you start to come to realization. Yes, you too. Having contributed to the death of millions. With your speak, with your ignorance, with your hate and dismissal against those who wanted to warn you from the very beginning. But you treated exactly those, as your enemy. Got bored. You ducked. You erased the connections.

You. Did. That.

But it is a human classic, isn't it ? How many times have we done the same mistake though thousands of years ?


We have opened Pandora's box

once again - and manage to feel righteous about those we hate, dismiss, and call names, and excuse though our fear and superiority, to verbally kill of unvaccinated whenever it seems fit. We are doing the Elites bidding without even realizing it - to dig our own graves. We do the shit work for those who hate us behind the veil. By hating the groups, who are still sane, and dare to speak up, sending out warning,s that that what looks like to protect people, is in fact the start of something truly sinister, aiming to kill a large number of humanity. They call it vaccines, but doesn't do anything of that, they say it is doing.

All this, while we live in our bubbles, thinking we are free and cozy and protected. While that is exactly what leads down the road of hell in ignorance - as we stopped caring, where we should care. Forgetting what should been remembered. While keeping to all that, which doesn't mean anything. It seems to me that:

We have to fall apart, before we can fall into each arms.
We, who had everything.

Like in Lisa Nilsson's powerful song (together with Joakim Berg) in the Song from 2015,
"Innan we Faller" (Before we Fall)


We stopped raising our eyes, minds and souls

Because we stopped to ask question and be honestly curious. Instead we hate, because everything around us, tells us to do so and outlines groups with hateful names and target them as being our greatest dangers. Not humans, no we demise them, into "something" or "it" - to make it easier to hate. To dismiss. To make them who dare to speak up, being the greatest dangers.

What a farce. What a trap. And so classic everlasting, same mistakes over and over again.

Then we got them all in one global Podium: The media. Politicians. TV. Facebook. The paid influencers Shiny armors.

In reality, deep scrupleless criminals that rule the lands. But. They tell us. And so we adopt - good puppies as we are - and still thinking that we can think independently - which is a lie - because consciously we do no more realize, that we ape them after. Say what they want us to say. Listen to what they want us to listen to. And folks, even the bought ones that are shown off in media playing rolls, we ape after - as if that is the real reality to trust in.

Hate like they though "flowers" and words that excuse our own actions as adults. And every fuck sounds almost the same using the names, that the hidden elite gave people, to use against each other. Such as "conspiracy", "Denier", "Nutcase", "Liar"


To condone what unfolds, all over again ?

People condone other people to be put into isolation CAMPS, and manage to see it as something good, something that protects them from danger. THIS FAR WE HAVE COME - without a blink of an eye, we indulge into believing into positive visions of confinement camps, as something necessary, something that we should have and support. We condemn the whereabouts of WW2, while condone the being of WW3 though a different form and speak - yet in the core, is based on exactly the same evil.

We are so way past 1933 now, Ladies and Gentlemen.


With Eyes... Wide Shut

Boy do I understand my Grandmother Elfriede endlessly better today. you people should be ashamed of what you as majority are allowing and condone to happen, with eyes wide shut.

In the official numbers of the EudraVigilance database which the EU provides, counting Covid-19 "vaccine" death as well injuries from 27 out of 50 European countries. In there 1.1 million people have severe injuries (out of 2.2 million in total of side effects). The severe injuries are of the kind, where you don't fully recover to health, the kind of injuries which makes you loose your job !

And the insurance does NOT cover injuries. Why ? Because the jabs are still experimental. So, no coverage. The Pharmaceutical companies themselves go free, because our governments have agreed to that they don't have to bear any responsibility over any damages caused by Cov-19 "Vaccine".



ONE MILLION people seriously injured in just 9 months.

And when I tell this to people in my surrounding - they look at me like if I am some stupid, crazy bitch, coming from a different planet. They laugh. They look down on me. They don't care, because at this stage, the Cov19 Vaccines didn't affect them personally. So, the rest can go to hell, it doesn't move them. They don't care. They don' react. They seem to find it totally ok, that 1.1 million get their lives destroyed... They excuse themselves by referring to how many have died of Corona.

Yeah. But how many of them died of Corona, and how many did die of something else ? In fact 80% + of the official Corona death numbers are false. As in Sweden, As in Germany. As in USA (stated by CDC, 94% of the listed, official corona deaths died of other causes).

Bam !


As ignorance hits the highest top position

It exactly the shit we do not need: When the majority of people don't even waste a single movement of their eye brows, despite the fact that 1.1 Million people have been severely injured - in an OFFICALLY PROVIDED EU DATABASE... and it just doesn't matter.

That's the reaction I get. The Swedes out to be get their hair washed and their asses kicked for their utter stupidity, they bottomless crowdedness and their truly bizarre emotional coldness in these matters.

FY FAN - I say in Swedish.

They neither know the name of the database, nor where to look, or even want to look in there. They do not care, and they do not want to know. End of discussion. Often i even get the words "I don't speak to you anymore".

Why ? Because it bugs your precious little illusion bubble, that there ARE 1.1 million have severe injuries from those "Lifesaving" Cov-19 "Vaccines" ? Is that it ? Do not touch my bubble. My precious, illusionary, safe little fuck bubble....

People rather kill you off, than to face some truths. The don't see the truth, not even if you smear it into their faces. It does not matter.

and it makes me at times really angry. The lack of everything that defines human goodness - being so bottomless empty, when it really counts. No wonder we had World War 2, then. Now we know how it went, when the majority of people, like puppets all defend their little bubbles and rather "kill off" those who threaten their illusion.

Phew !

So, we got many spoiled brats today ? When 1.1 million Europeans are severely injured - doesn't make anyone move ? Then it is really bad as human being, as well as society as a whole.


Perhaps we deserve this, then ?

When people, powered by spirit, have nothing more to say or add, despite 1.1 million bad injuries (and it doesn't stay there, you have to realize... the numbers is climbing)

To give a rats ass. I can't believe that most do not even call the injection in question - if it causes so much damages. And now they inject children. CHILDREN for heavens sake, with a mortality rate of 0.0005% of Corona, they inject with an experimental genetic injection. And call it safe and sound. The flu kills many more children than Corona.


Speaking of joke

Here is a good one


This total lack of empathy

stamina, knowledge and curiosity - really startles me.

People who are normal functioning, often are very nice people with emotions and everything - but scratch a little revolving the Corona Injections, and all of the sudden they are cold blooded, ignorant children who don't care shit over what happens to others. They tell you to be a nut job, albeit you are the one who refers to totally legal, official databases over Cov-19 "vaccine" injuries, to see for themselves, with their naked eyes.


But those eyes do not see.

Those eyes do not want to,

Those eyes look away.


Officially 23.000 deaths from the vaccines

On top of that 23.000 have died from the injections. in only 9 months in 27 European countries, out of 50. So, UK is not even included, either.


EudraVigilance database only represents 5% of the total injuries

The problem in all of this is, which makes it worse, because it is so hidden - that the EudraVigilance database only represents at best 5-10% of reality. You have to multiple all numbers by minimum factor 10x in order to see the real injures and death.

We are talking of 9 months: 10 million serious injured, and 230.000 deaths from the experimental Cov-19 vaccines, or better said experimental genetic injections.

The numbers start to look like World War numbers... Ask me again in 3 years, how many. And then I ask you - was it worth it to shut your eyes ?

There is no equivalent to an official medical product that killed so many in such a short time. Unofficially of course, when you realize that cancer treatments kill of 97% of the patients, not the cancer, then you too, get totally different and much higher annual death rates. But that is another story for another time.

I have all reasons in the world to be pissed at us, you, people, humanity at large - condoning so much evil that is done in our name, with our support, right in front of our eyes as we speak.

It isn't about me having the need to be right. It is all about people at large, to WAKE UP, and take in the new reality by being far more critical and suspicious for the right reasons - and don't believe everything that is so snuggly wrapped into "neutral authoritarian into" being the truth - when that is the last thing it really represents.

It is about humanity, for heavens sake. About you. Your family. Your kids.


The real deal !

- 107 -