I am fully aware, that writing about these Corona things, and what really goes off in the background, being far more serious for humanity, given that it is performed across the globe... it is so difficult to write about it. I get... well, I feel so many things.


WW2 Stories from Childhood in Berlin

I wasn't able to wrap my head around the war stories from my grandmothers, and in my young teenage mind, it felt like a crushing heaviness, in my inner eye, trying to find words... how the fuck do you survives in war terror, bombs and burning infernos ? How does life even survive in all that shit ?

I felt it was kind of the worst I could think of - that humanity at large allows war on a large scale. And I couldn't, simply couldn't, understand how life itself... could go on like that.


Why I feel strong about what happens today

And that is one of the reasons I am so fierce in my emotions regarding people being so utterly nonchalant, when you tell them, that already 1.1 million people got their lives destroyed from experimental genetic injection, which go under the much more tolerant name "vaccine".


Are we blind to numbers ?

I mean 1.1 million people already got affected in most serious ways, you know. And those 1.1 million are part of families, friends and relatives nearby. Also getting closely affected... Wouldn't you too, if your friend, mother or brother/sister getting severely ill from damages casued by experimental genetic injections ?

It WOULD affect YOU... but only THEN, right. Not as long everything of that stuff is in your distance, then you do not care. And continue to deny, that the injections contain death and illness. It's just somewhere else. And it ain't happen to you.

End of the story.

And like that millions over millions think like that.

Now, how quaint isn't that ? But it it hits you - then you are in da shithouse, because hundred millions will deny that you got damages for life. Sux bitch. Is that what you want me to tell you then ? Is that what you want to hear, IF it happens to you ? Is that what you want to hear from your surrounding, when it hits you right in the middle ?

When is it time to awaken ? When it is five minutes after midnight - is that it ? WHY ?


How do you sustain economically

when you get so injured that you can't do the work you used to do. How do you pay bills ? What if parts of the family are dependent on that job, that now got spoiled because you ran to the vaccine center to get those two Cov-19 injections... which then destroyed your life. And you realize that nobody takes responsibility for the injuries. The insurances do not pay anything - because they don't do that with experimental, non-fully approved medical products.


That thing with safety...

If those "vaccines! are so safe, why do 1.1 million people in 27 European countries get their lives destroyed with severe injuries ? How can you even remotely call a "vaccine" pretty safe, when so many damages are the results of these medical interventions, in originally healthy people, I may add.

Vaccines have earlier been retracted from the market after 25-100 people died. Now we are at 23.000 in only 9 months, and that doesn't include USA nor UK, and half of Europe either. So, what is the total. And what are the true dark numbers of deaths that were never registered ?


How can you call it safe ?

How can you call it protective, when the cancer rate of tumors is 20x higher after two injections ? How can you all that an experimental genetherapy injection is called "vaccines", when in principle it has medically nothing to do with traditional vaccines and immunity ?


A most recent study from Vietnam

shows that double vaccinated people had 251x higher viral load in their bodies, compared to unvaccinated people. Who can you defend this, and call it safe ? Because it didn't hit you right away ?

What if it did, but you don't know it yet. Cancer is a funny thing. And so are neurological damages. It ain't always coming right away from one minute to the next. It goes gradually - and when you notice it, it has already been in progress for a longer time.


Cancer rate up by factor 20x !

And that is what the injection do. The cancer rate goes up by factor 20x (Dr. Ryan Cole), which has been observed by those doctors who do NOT shut their eyes wide, but observe that their patients come in with highly odd and rare tumors and cancers, which normally only happen in 1 to 100.000 people. But now are increasingly common.

When does it hit your mind ? Only because it seemingly didn't affect you, doesn't mean it doesn't affect you. Only stupidity is talking like that.

And many do.


What about ADE ?

Antibody Dependent Enhancement. It is the effect, which already has been known since 2012/13 in many animal studies with potential Corona Vaccines, that after injection - they did produce antibodies. But when they encountered the wild virus - they rapidly got ill and died. Most of the animals died. Over and over again in those studies.

Now all of the sudden, and without animal trails, they give you experimental genetic injections, and you think it is safe - but not even tested on animals - and then you stand there, at the next or following winter season, encountering normally extremely mild Corona Virus - but with this Cov-10 injection, you develop severe illness.

Known as exactly that: Antibody Dependent Enhancement.

it makes people much sicker, when they come in touch with a Corona Virus, which normally, often isn't even noticed that you have it. But now, it makes people very ill. The immune system of an unvaccinated person is 13x stronger compared to a person who is double vaccinated. Shows a Israeli real life study.


The trick they now use is following - and evil

Single as well double vaccinated people who then get ill of Covid-19 within 14 days - are simply counted as unvaccinated ! And so they go out in the media and through authorities, and tell people, that the crisis is now caused by the unvaccinated. Other countries like Israel, calls double vaccinated as unvaccinated, because only with the third "vaccination", are approved as being "vaccinated".  Anyone who get influenza, and it will be Covid-19, and counted as "unvaccinated". That drive up the numbers in disfavor for those, who look though the sham.

It is a game with numbers and words. It has neither to do with health nor with honesty.


Evil Powers - with help of your modern You.

Herein lies the systems detrimental effect through their grave misuse of power. And when the ordinary people think the same, which most do - humanity has lost once again, in a World Wide War. Because this shit - it is now global in the most true sense of the word.

Unvaccinated become the new Yellow Star Members. The Unbeings. The faulty. The guilty. The traitors. The ones who caused it all. Kill them. Shoot them. Put them into Camps. Get rid of them. Rot them out. The hate against "unvaccinated" is tremendous now in the end of 2021. It is also eagerly fueled by the Power to Be, though media at all corners.


Crimes against Humanity

We have not learned anything. We are as shameful, acting in disgrace to our human brothers and sister, as we once did by supporting the evil that ruled back in the 30s and 40s. (On all sides who were involved, including all the allies, not better in any way, when you learn the truth of history, what happened there). Today the means are different. Needles instead of bombs. But same propaganda.


They will have to pay

By people who call themselves leaders and rulers, and we regard them as such, support them with all our might - are nothing else than deliberately paid off severe criminals and psychopaths á lá 2021. And one day, they will pay for their Crimes against Humanity, and so will the doctors and other people who activity supported the Injection being performed on people without consent or proper information. Or that union leaders, company bosses etc - who made propaganda for injection or even demand people to take the jab....



Now you understand, why the ticking clock is way past 1933.

With your help. Your beautiful, modern, educated You - the 2021 Inferno has been possible though your help. You look away, while ten thousands died from lethal injections, MILLIONS got severely injured to the degree that they don't have a normal life to go back to. Or income, for that matter. And people continue to die. And many more will die, a slow death before they realize that something in the core of their system, their DNA genetics, has been seriously tampered with - which over time, has consequences... literal consequences. Some get to know it early, others will realize it years later.

But hey, what could possibly go wrong with genetic boosters, and more injections into children, right ?

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