The user u/smostyn at Reddit made an image, supposedly taken with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, in which he used Night Mode with Apple ProRaw file format and then worked with it in Lightroom. I myself changed it ever so slightly, and added a touch of Topaz DeNoiseAI & Sharpen AI (very, very lightly only)

This photo does of course set itself apart a lot when it comes to Low Light Photography compared to an iPhone 7 Plus or even an iPhone XS Max - as the latter don't have any of it. And due to the Apple ProRAW format in the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and the ability to use Night Mode... as well a super wide angle lens... Well, that is quite the difference between a non-shot and something that looks kind of WOW, when you think about it.

Not bad. Really not bad. I mean it is a mobile phone... right ? You don't expect the Milkyway to appear in any mobile phone images...



So, you do understand that I do feel a level of enthusiasm, that if I have no camera at my disposal, but an iPhone 13 Pro Max always - that it then extend the usability in low light for me. Well, Low Light is after all one of my absolute favorites in photography.

So, of course I am excited...


Nothing beats a DSLR Camera on Tripod at night

so, make no mistake. If you want ultimate quality - that is the way to go. But given that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a frikkin mobile phone - it ain't bad if you can get results like the user u/smostyn accomplished. (BE aware, that it ain't a snap shot... I believe he too, had to put effort into his night shot ! Perhaps even used a tripod.

So, I have to see, where I fit in. Do I want to make tripod images of night sceneries ? Well, then I could use a real camera right away... But I'll test and experiment :-)



Again; if you use Apple's ProRAW file format - you need Lightroom or Photoshop to deal with it, in order to get out the good stuff (margins in a photo). I am sure apps can do it too - but I am not fond of that approach (which I find fiddly doing it on a phone)

But, your mileage may vary. Your choice. Your enthusiasm to test.


Not a replacement for a DSLR

The iPhone will never be my replacement for a real camera. But it surely can make a great addition, now that it has become a lot more competent overall, with far extended areas to make images in. I also think of Northern Lights, which when they appear, I often am at work without a camera (or tripod) at my disposal. Who knows - maybe I can "document" the phenomena if an iPhone 13 Pro Max is the only thing i have at hand. If then the quality comes out better - then I'll accept it.

Well, at least in Theory. We will know, the day Auroras rise over the Stockholmian sky - and how the quality of that really looks like "on the fly". It might be still a disappointment - I do not know that at this stage - before I get the chance to test it.


I get mine in 4-6 weeks.

Which is totally fine. I haven't been overly eager to get the phone, really, but rather felt unusual calm this time. No hurry. And no investment into, too great expectations - because I don't. I love real cameras - and that is the reason I carry real ones with me, almost always. Except when I am on my way to buy food or go to the post office *LOL* Many times I carry a DSLR without even taking photos. Yet, I love to have it at my disposal, when I need it !

I almost skipped the iPhone 13 Pro Max - but then thought that Sal already had his phone for 5 years - so why not giving him the wonderful iPhone XS Max I have had for 3 years. Remarkable is that his iPhone 7 Plus still shows 80% battery health after 5 years - which I think it amazing.

Mine after 3 years shows 86%.

I believe the fast charger are degrading batteries a bit faster, than normal charging. The latter is more gentle.

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