She wrote an entry into the forum today. It is a forum where I have been very active since one year exactly. And it really makes me feel deeply of what she tells to the forum members; how the situation looks like in the German Healthcare system behind the curtains, since most people have been taking the genetic injections causing so much illness and death following in the path... It is unbelievable. Plus the unacceptable behavior from doctors - as well the whole German health care system in essence being in free fall, not human anymore.

And there she stands, to my eye vulnerable yet so heroic, trying to do her best for the patients, trying to climb walls and obstacles which seem to be too many... and it ain't helping to those who suffer. Some of which die away after the "vaccinations" and mistreatment / misjudgments. It is so endless sad. And sad how people refuse to see, deny the existence is far more widespread then anything you read in the newspapers.

It sometimes makes it difficult for me to breathe when I read... And I have read many first hand observations and situations... It makes your heart go numb sometimes. Unable to understand, how other people can be so cruel, just by ignoring and denying, by going insane and nuts in the wake of the Corona hysteria. Without even seeing how many lives are being taken because of the COVID-19 "VACCINATION" costing endlessly many more lives, than the official statistics - which in itself also often aren't even show in the media - which always says "a few" have a reaction.

Genocide is committed, while we, the majority looks the other way, and smile a cruel smile, over the few who try to tell them the truths.... But are humiliated with scorn and rejection.

What we live now, is a copy of what once was 80 year ago. And it is "funny", that we don't recognize the signs, albeit there are so many of those signs.


When you just want to cry...

I am so impressed by Nachtweide (and many others) who tel ltheir first hand stories, observations and experiences.

But - I also feel helpless to read about such situations - as my heart turns very heavy... and I know how most people choose to ignore all of what is going on.

Real lives are at stake at a high number, and the old people after vaccination meet such a lousy ends with suffering, no real help, denial and ultimately death. Sometimes I just want to go in a corner and cry. And yes I have cried - but not often. Nowadays, when I read, it is only the most terrifying and horrible stories from people at first hand, when I still can break in tears. (I have cried so much earlier. Perhaps that is the reason that I am not breaking as easily anymore)

But the thing is, that I rarely cry nowadays and have developed a very thick, almost "cold" kind of wall around my heart, after everything I have studied and read deeply, every single day, during the last 19 month... But it still feels heavy...

Hwoever - I am all present. Nothing is "denied" or pushed away in me.


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