Nachweide writes:

"There is now an explainable reason why the number of rescue missions is increasing. Just yesterday, I used this opportunity to have a patient treated promptly. Since Corona, the phones of doctors' offices are either no longer manned or they are on permanent hold. Since the vaccination option in doctors' offices, this condition is even more unbearable. Since we request the prescriptions for our home visits directly from the doctor and can no longer reach anyone here either, we have to visit the practices ourselves. Unbearable.



Last week in the Corona thread, I described a day at work that shook me so much - but since yesterday I know it was even worse and actually unbelievable for me. An 84 year old patient passed away in my presence. Spontaneously demented since vaccination, tendency to fall, blood counts out of control. In July there was the first indication of a bad HB value. After many unsuccessful phone calls, I went to the doctor's office to request a lab result.

The doctor had visited the patient 4 days before and according to her everything was ok. After the lab result he came to the hospital - 3 days of blood transfusions - spontaneous anemia. In August, suddenly severe shingles. According to the patient, the physician's assistant was there and diagnosed eczema. Therapy: Bebanthem. The shingles could be detected by a blind man.

So, I went to the doctor again - again laboratory request - confirmation: Shingles. The wife of 83 was so afraid of an infection by her husband that she got cardiac arrhythmia. Ambulance - 2 days hospital. Now again a derailment of the patient. Again request laboratory directly in the office. 4 days later the patient died. Yesterday I heard that the family doctor's office is closed due to illness since the day the blood was taken - the patient's lab results are still in the closed office's filing cabinet but it is too late, the patient is dead. The fully vaccinated doctor's office is closed because of corona infection of the doctor and several female employees - quarantine. The patient could still be alive if the findings had been passed on.


Another bedridden patient

Subsequently, another bedridden patient - sought help from primary care physician due to severe chest pain. After days of unsuccessful phone calls, her primary care physician telephoned over a distance of 15 km to tell her that the patient did not have a heart attack, needed to calm down, and should take ibuprofen as needed. One day later, her husband called the emergency physician. Earlier, the ambulance arrived. Today, you are first passed on to a doctor on call. There, you have to present the diagnosis - which you make yourself. Afterwards, he was told that this was not an emergency and that he should wait another day.

Well - yesterday I was really on a thousand. I ordered the ambulance and the patient came to the hospital with a suspected heart attack.

That's what it looks like - is our healthcare system.

In the meantime, I have advised every patient to call the ambulance immediately instead of anxiously torturing the phone for days without success. Contrary to my basic attitude: Never lie - I now encourage everyone to dramatize their own case in order to receive medically necessary help at all. In the meantime, the clinics have noticed that people are using this instrument in large numbers, since the care provided by general practitioners and specialists in Germany is almost non-functional.


I have never experienced such a disaster.

The behavior of the doctors is also no longer acceptable and corresponds to the standard of a developing country. We therapists, as an intermediary, will have to take on more and more responsibility. This in turn leads to the ego injury of the doctors. The system is at the bottom. We are now paying for the fact that not enough staff was trained - no one can make up for that."

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