I have practically let my hair be for a year now. The transition from very short to long hair, is a mess - because I can't bend it fully together (only partially), and all versions right now look ridiculous (to my own eyes). Albeit it is on it's way to get long enough to put it together behind my back.

But apparently, if I for example compare my hair with the hair above - now that makes me tick. So, I might be 35% of the guys hair. So, another 2 years are likely needed, to get it similarly. The question is if I am up to that kind of beard... *LOL* I have not yet decided. Man, that is a lot of facial hair... And such a transition from short to long beard, is another annoying transition where "nothing really works". I am not a long beard expert. My beard hair grows pretty wild when it get's seriously longer. Each hair kind seem to grow into all kind of directions. I guess the trick is (?) to groom it in a certain way, to get it like the guy above. THe longest I have not shaved was perhaps 2.5 months. I have not gone any longer... Perhaps it is 'easier' to groom a beard when the hair is longer ?


Think of the above portrait

just older / a more mature version of it. (A Ralf version, hahaha) But, I love that look. It just hits me, that of all hairstyles that I can choose from.... the above is it. My hair is perfect for that purpose, and it starts already to get a bit wild, the ends already a bit rugged (on my back) The tone of my color is a darker (still darkblond, yet curiously at 55, there is barely any gray visible). I don't mind gray, by the way. But it hasn't happened yet, except for a few thin streaks.


Tired of Soy-Boy Mentality

It would be so fun, going towards a half wild-ish lumber jack. I just corresponds much more to the man I am today, really. It is like the masculine, mature guy longs to burst out of me (I also notice that in my sexuality, I am going more and more from "submissive" towards Top... which is an interesting change). I am so tired of passive personalities, soy-boy mentality and all that stuff. Why can't men be men - yet mature, and a bit of better wisdom united in them ? Masculine doesn't mean to be a crude asshole !

Anyway - the look of the guy's style, is one of my favorite styles, I realize; more rugged !

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