I never thought I would write a note about the Aeolian Island volcano, Isola di Vulcano - embedded with the other islands like Lipari, Salina and Stromboli (etc).

Apparently access to the top of the vulcano has been officially closed off by the authorities, due to increased degassing as well higher seismic activities as of lately. The last eruption was in 1888-90, in other words 121 years ago.


Vulcano - Aeolian Islands - 01 October 2021

"It's official: they have closed the summit of "Vulcano" (Aeolian Island) due to increased eruptive activity. They are only increasing the signals, but there is NO eruption. At the moment there is only an increase in seismicity and gas fumes. "Not alert, but careful," says Lipari Mayor Marco Giorgianni, "there is a gas production that is not in the norm, at the moment there is no restriction in the village of Vulcano, but only in the summit part."

It could all come back in or go ahead and produce an eruption. Clearly, if this were the case, given the very small size of the island, there would also be consequences for the inhabitants, but it is certainly not something that will happen immediately. As with all volcanoes, we have to wait for clearer signals. We could see Vulcano erupt again after more than a century. The last time was in 1888-1890"


Geology of Vulcano

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