This list is largely based on Frazzetta et al. (1984); other (in part doubtful) eruptive activity mentioned in Volcanoes of the World (1994 edition) is indicated with "(VOTW 94)". The list was published by Boris Behncke in his early homepage 20+ years ago.

475(?) BC
eruption from Fossa with ejection of incandescent material (may also have occurred in 424-423 BC)

360±10 BC
violent eruption from Fossa, formation of a new eruption vent ("Palizzi crater", possibly the source of the Palizzi lava flow)

Between 350 and 300 BC
maybe the same event as preceding, rumblings heard as far away as Taormina

300 BC
explosive activity from Fossa

215 BC
submarine activity near Vulcano (VOTW 94)

183 BC
island of Vulcanello emerges in the strait between Vulcano and Lipari, formation of Vulcanello I cone

126 BC
submarine activity "between Vulcano and Panarea" (VOTW 94), maybe date of Vulcanello's birth instead of previous

91 BC
Vulcanello erupting, Fossa apparently quiet

24±5 BC
activity, probably from Vulcanello

10±10 BC
Vulcanello erupting

1st century AD
explosive activity from Fossa, ejection of incandescent material

144 AD
eruption from Fossa; then about 300 years of apparent repose

526 or 580

Fossa and Vulcanello both erupting, formation of Vulcanello III. Legend of San Calogero says that volcanic activity shifted from Lipari (monte Pilato) to Vulcanello and then to Fossa, still farther away from Lipari

strong activity from Fossa, causing pumice falls on Lipari, access to Fossa impossible due to the activity

between 900 and 950
unspecified activity on Vulcano island, maybe confusion with previous activity record. Then no recorded activity for about 400 years

13th century
activity, probably from Vulcanello

4 February 1444
eruption from unknown source on Vulcano, blocks or bombs thrown up to 10 km away

eruption from Vulcanello III, Vulcanello island becomes linked to Vulcano (formation of isthmus between Porto Lavante and Porto Ponente). Latest recorded eruptive event at Vulcanello, possibly extrusion of Punta del Roveto lava flow that is known for the picturesque scenery of "Valle dei Mostri"

eruption at Vulcano, no further details

March-April 1626
eruption from unspecified source at Vulcano

eruption at Vulcano, no source vent known

Fossa erupts explosively

explosive eruption from Fossa followed by about 35 years of quiet


eruption from Fossa and formation of the Forgia Vecchia II crater on the N flank of Fossa cone

prolonged eruptive period from Fossa that ends with the extrusion of the Pietre Cotte lava flow

17 February - May 1771
strong explosive activity from Fossa

doubtful eruption (VOTW 94), but reports of fumarolic activity

explosive activity from Fossa, then fumarolic activity for >1 century

doubtful eruptive activity from Fossa (VOTW 94)

doubtful eruption from Fossa (VOTW 94)


doubtful eruption from Fossa (VOTW 94)

doubtful eruption from Fossa (VOTW 94)

September 1873-1879
intermittent explosive activity from Fossa

2 August 1888 - 22 March 1890
prolonged eruptive period from Fossa

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