I used to be a little bit smarter then this... You know, NOT to upgrade to a new iOS (big) number, but to wait a couple of months. Well, I didn't. And the experience sux !

When I browse my own homepage, it is a bad experience. Overall to begin with, the pinch and zoom function isn't working reliable. There are glitches and delays, and sometimes you can't pinch-zoom in most sites. So, for example when you want to enlarge a photo in order to look at the details, it isn't working well. It used to be fluid in iOS 14.

On my own homepage, the page links do not always work: tapping on the right side of an image in order to get to the next page, sometimes isn't working. And all of the sudden, images are now ordered to the left, instead of always being centered (as they are coded to be shown centered).

So, the whole experience of browsing my homepage on an iPhone with big screen SUX.

I have not updated my iPad's, so they are still on iOS 14 - and it works like a charm. In fact, the experience of my homepage is always better on an iPad, laptop and stationary computers. It simply is NOT made for iPhones and similar. EVerything becomes poky and small, and well - what the fuck is that, to degrade photography to such a low level of pokiness. (Well, and the lack of modern coding on my homepage, ain't making things better. But that is a different story).

Just sayin'


Tekki is sick

Out of the blue, Tekki our dog, has gotten sick. She has diarrhea and can't keep anything in without it goes out almost immediately. We take care of her - and boy is she a darling in so many ways. I mean she really doesn't want to barf at home, or shooting her diarrhea. But sometimes in times like these, she can't avoid it. But the way she does it, and the way she reacts afterwards.... you really get a big heart. We understand that she doesn't want to do it indoors... and let her know, that it is ok and we will take care of it.

Also how she makes herself understood, is fascinating. In emergencies, her whole body is communicating urgency, her breathe is changing, and she clings to your feet. To make you understand, that she must go out immediately otherwise there will be a brown accident.

Poor thing !


Living for real with an animal

One thing I have learned during my time with Tekki now living here, is how special it is to establish a close relationship to an animal. I mean so close, I have not lived with any animal for several decades. Of course I knew Tekki from the times I visited Sal in Sicily - but that wasn't exactly the same thing.

Since she has been living here, the communication and understanding of being close to an animal, brings everything to a whole new level. How much a dog actually COMMUNICATES is absolutely fascinating. They are full of communication ! It really raises the heart beat, and it swells. Now I start to understand that a dog can become a family member. You get to know them as a being. A being of it's own. They personalities, they ways, their communication, habits and all those special little ticks and ways - like a character of their own.

Talk about learning, about other creatures. It teaches you, if you are that kind of person. It also can challenge you, test you and when you reflect about it, you may also learn something about yourself, in good and in bad. If you open enough to do so.

It's fascinating !

- 118 -