Important Note, 29 Oct 2021:

These 5 liter jugs from Germany APS, are unprecise in the scale. When I poured in 3.6 liter of fluid, it showed slightly more than 3.4 liter instead. They are good to mix things, but not to measure things.


Never thought of buying a 5 liter jug...

Kind of strange... that I've never invested into a 5 liter measuring jug. I mean, being a photographer and still going the analog way in photography, means I have to make 5 liter developer. (sometimes 3.8 liter, sometimes 5 liter). but also in C-41 color process, they come in 5 liter (5 liter developer, 5 liter Bleach, 5 liter fix)

One of the problems with making for example 3.8 liter Kodak D76 developer is, that I only have 2 liter measuring jugs. Sure i mix the chemicals in a very large plastic jug (without any measuring scales), but then you come to the point after you added the powder into 3 liter of water... that you have to fill the totals, up to 3.8 liter.

Well, that's when I have to pour it in two 2 liter measuring jugs... but then also have to mix them both back and forth. and that big plastic jug i have, is very IFFY to pour liquids out of. (It's in essence a big plastic bowl, the kind you use when making bread doe). But those are rounded, and not made for pouring our liquids.... (because it spills easy).


5 liter Jug

Anyway long words, short sentence: a 5 liter measuring jug fits the bill to create large amounts of developer, or whatever you wish to mix. I ordered two of them, because I do not wish to mix jugs used for developer and beach or fix.

That something so simple, can make you happy, is kind of funny, strange, silly. But ultimately fun and practical. Just strange that I never invested into a 5 liter jug after 35 years of dealing with photo chemicals....


Freezing C-41 developer

That I make 5 liter C-41 developer, bleach and fix all at once is new however. The reasons for this is, that for the first time I will freeze the C-41 developer (in PET bottles รก 1.5 liter). Because once the concentrate is broken, it only lasts 6 weeks. But by mixing the final developer, pouring it into 1.5 liter bottles - and freeze them - you can extend the life of the developer by many months. After all - I really don't use much C-41 (color negative, monochrome C-41 films).

The Bleach and Fix, are longer lasting in tight sealed bottles. And bleach or when using Bleachfix ("Blix") in one, it litterally LIVES from oxygen (it needs it) - in order to work.

So, that ain't no problem.

I use separated bleach from fix, because the density of the C-41 films will be less, compared with using Bleachfix in one. It is also more effective when separated. Luckily Digibase' C-41 chemicals have separated Bleach and Fix.

Tetenal does not.


Some say it ain't possible to freeze C-41 developer ?

But it is. The modern version of it we use today, will reassemble into it's original liquid state without seperation. It is the older formula of C-41 developer which didn't tolerate to be frozen, because the components would seperate, then not re-mix again, basically destroying the developer.

Again, this only applies to today's used C-41 developer formulae - nothing else. Bleach and Fix you do not freeze !


APS Germany

The two jugs, 276 SEK or 27 Euro together including shipping - comes from Germany. I tried to find something here in Sweden - but boy, what is it with this country (and always has as long as i have lived here for 37 years).... when you need something more specific... either you don't find it, or it costs like a little fortune. And it has been like this as long as I can remember. Well, in fact, in the 80s it was even worse.

And as soon something isn't common consumer goods, they always tend to offer you things 2 or 3 times the price compared to Germany.

It sux. It's a bit sad, too.

Apparently the jugs I ordered, most likely made in China (I don't know in truth but assume it is made in China). Apparently they are made in Germany. If that is because they are truly made there, or just painting the scales there and then is allowed to be called "made in Germany" - I do not know.

But they are GOOD. Even the printed scale has a sense of engraving. So, these jugs from ABS Germany are great (now that I got them in my hands, on 12 Oct).


Printed scales

(often purely China made products) often tend to wear off  very easily. So; I always put clear tape over the scale - and the problem is solved. Ta-daaa. However, the ones I ordered, also have an engraved scale on the other side. Nice backup, so to speak. But those are clear scales, not easy to see. But I don't sweat over that. I am very happy that I was able to buy two big jugs, without having to pay a little fortune for it.

Not stingy but an adequate price, neither too high, neither too low.


13 Oct 2021

Boy was it fun to make 5 liter developer. It was done in a flash. No more fiddling around with different 2 liter jars back and forth. Ah, this was really fun. Something so simple like having a 5 liter jug, being able to make 5 liter developer, easily controlling the temperature, and easily being able to fill various bottles...

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