8 Oct 2021

Yes, since yesterday evening, her spirit is taking better hold in her body, and she showed first signs of recovery. We give her very small portions of cooked rice and fish mixed with a special paste with electrolytes, and prebiotica. And as water we have a mix with a pinch of salt and honey.

She sleeps a lot (or lies in her Cucchia). She did poop a little outdoors, and it really seems a bit better. So, now her intestines and stomach are healing, step by step. No more blood in the stool. Good !

And she gets a lot of love, too. I am glad that she is recovering.

It isn't until your beloved dog or cat or any other animal get's sick, when you realize how dear they are to your heart, and how worried you start to get, when their well being is turned into pain and trouble... It always feels worse on the inside, while in your actions you are usually calmer and more focused. But the feeling from within, well you do feel a lot...

It is still a bit "strange" for me, how much Tekki has grown in my eyes, and the connection we have together now. I mean the connection to Sal is like super deep. But hers has also has grown to me, I have noticed during the past 6 months.

She is 11 years old, and has lived for exactly 1 year in Stockholm. Our not so little "stray dog" from Sicily... ❤️


9 Oct 2021

Uh, I am not so sure anymore. 😔 She has been having diarrhea constantly and anew she ain't keeping any food. Sal said, dogs can have this for a week... Sal has been out with her many times today... The good thing is, that he is up during the day, while I sleep during the day because I work night shifts.

She is so sweet. When you ask her "do you need to go out?", she either comes close to you, or goes to the outer door, marking that yes, she needs to go out. It's so interesting, that when a dog responds to questions. She makes different gestures / has different body language, as an answer.

It's so amazing !

Another fascinating aspect is, that she has so many different "animal species" in her; how she moves, or when she in excitement kind of throws her head back and then marches forward, almost like an excited pony. When she is out "hunting and sniffing", she get's the appearance of a wolf on a hunt. When she doesn't want to have her photo taken, she demonstrative moves her head 90 degrees away from the camera - and just stays in that position ! 🤪


12 Oct

Tekki's stool is very slowly improving - even if it is still mush (but not watery anymore). And last night, she didn't had to go out anymore, compared to all previous nights. She is also more lively - and of course HUNGRY ! Keeping Sal company whenever he does something in the kitchen. When he makes dinner, I usually say "she is taking notes".


14 Oct

She is on top of things, her stool is like it used to be, and everything looks as if she gotten back to her normal self. Which means begging for food, anytime anyone of us does something in the kitchen. The lady is hungry !! *grin* I am really glad that she has recovered. When she was at her worst, she could barely walk up the stairs, would throw up at any time. And the same happened on the other end, at any time.

Well, dogs sometimes do catch a bug.

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