Well, my balcony view has changed significantly during the past 5-6 years. It all started around 5 years ago, when they started to built something like 6 house complexes to the right of our balcony view (not seen in the photo). And more recently they started to build another 3 house complex right in front of my nose, only 25 meter away (noise !!).

So, the entire view has changed - from what 10 year ago was almost all just trees and forest. Which startled me when I moved here in 2010, because despite being in the suburbs which has houses everywhere - our spot, standing at the balcony showed us a green oasis with only trees. I thought it was magnificent, that something can exist in the denser suburbs. Our location, Snösätra which belongs to Rågsved, 7 km south of Stockholm City, is built on a hill even if that isn't directly apparently. Yet, from my balcony you became more aware of that you're living on a hill.

10 Oct 2012 • Panoramic view from my balcony


7 Oct 2012 • Panoramic view from my balcony


The forest has almost vanished (2021)

Once everything is fixed and done, there will be a more glare from light sources, light poles and such. And I don't know what it will be like with hundreds of students during weekends having party in the suburbs. Because the last three buildings are all apartments for students. The other 7 buildings are residential.

Fascinating, that in a circumference of 100 meter, they built a whopping 10 apartment blocks in the past 6 years ! Going from "empty" to full.

Despite my critic and a bit of sorrow over the lost forest whenever the eye could see - the buildings are not ugly. They melt well into the character of his neighborhood of existing houses.


Sun reflections

The feeling of reflections is changing due to the houses. I have noticed that a reddish glow - when it exists - is enhanced, due to the middle building now (like in the main photo) as there are now more reflecting house walls. It reflects the light from the sun in the west at sunset.

During daytime, the last building that is built (to the left), reflects a lot of sunlight during the day coming from north so to speak, reflecting the sunlight  coming from the south, giving you the feeling at the balcony of stronger brightness.

I am sure my plants like it during summer, though.


Night time glare

During night time, with view towards North and Northeast (Globe Arena, Stockholm City glow), here you will get more glaring lights disturbing the night vision due to the new thre lit buildings in front. How exactly that turns out, I don't know yet, as they are still building, and the residents haven't moved in, yet.

Earlier, the forest absorbed a lot of light when looking towards the North / Northeast, making it very pleasant to take images of Northern Nights and stars without much light disturbance or glare (other than what the city of Stockholm itself is emitting.

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