The camera in the iPhone 13 Pro Max is impressive. Albeit there are trade off's from a perspective of a photographer. Straight away, I can say that I am not a big fan of the 77mm ƒ2.8 lens, because of the tiny sensor connected to it, gives inferior image quality. But it works in good daylight, and with the AI Bokeh enabled, it does a good job.

But truly is impressive is the combination of the main camera lens (26 mm f 1.5) with a bigger sensor, Apple ProRAW enabled AND Night Mode.

Now the results of that you see above. I have never ever made any truly better images with iPhones in low light. But the result above - definitely works for my Diary, and show high quality and great colors. But yes, you have to tinker a bit. Dark to middle blue skies can get excessive (unnatural) blue - so you have to tinker in post processing. Which I always do, as I consider it being necessary in this case.

The output is great, don't you think ?

I would never come of the idea in that kind of dull light, to make any iphone images. I would of course, but those are not truly usable. The iPhone 13 Pro Max + Apple ProRAW + NightMode + bigger sensor in the 26 mm lens + bright lens = does an amazing job.

It all reminds me of let's say an Olympus OMD E-M5 camera from year 2012 (give it or take it), the iPhone 13 Pro MAX (with nightmode + ProRAW) results do remind me of that camera a bit (the Olympus EM5 is still qualitative a better camera with its 6x larger sensor)

But it is damn close to the quality of let's say 1" inch sensor ? (which is a bit smaller than a Micro Four Third sensor in the Olympus). Sure, without the Apple Voodoo, it wouldn't be able to compete with a larger sensor.


ProRAW results you can work with

Nevertheless - the main photo above shows proof that of what you can get out of an iPhone sensor when using ProRAW. It mean's such images are FULLY USABLE. The Raw file gives you flexibility, usually also better colors, and you can iron out the contrast (retrieving highlight details), and lifting the shadows without too much penalty. And a slight sharpening with Topaz Sharpen AI software, can sometimes help further (my photo is a bit over sharpened, though)

I do find that straight out of the camera images with the iPhone 13 Pro Max come out in that typical kind of yellow greenish tint, for example with portraits indoors, with light coming through the window. When I make my own images from RAW files, the color balance get's a lot better. I can however understand that people are not into post processing, or do not even want to fiddle with images at all.

Well. I can't tell them. I only know what I like in a photo, and how to archive it.


Like an additional Night Shot Camera

So, the most impressive aspect for me with the new iPhone 13 Pro Max is the main camera lens module together with ProRAW and Night Mode.

I find it to be several miles better, than what I could accomplish with the iPhone XS Max in dull city light at night (iPhone XS Max doesn't support neither ProRaw nor Night Mode). I feel as if have now a splendid night shot camera with me - one that actually makes images at night that do cope with low light !

The internal AI and computer voodoo Apple does, is not unlike the Olympus Cameras do, which I believe are the only mirrorless cameras who go at least one step into that direction (handheld HighRes Mode).

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