Remember this is just a handheld shot with an iPhone 13 Pro Max, in the middle of the city of Stockholm, taken with the main lens (26 mm f 1.5) together with the "night Shot" mode, and Apple ProRAW file format.

In this photo I lifted the night sky a bit more than usual, in order to make the stars visible. And they are visible. The many flares from light sources, I cloned away (and there where many of them). After all, I was standing at a spot with strong light sources all over the place at Gullmarsplan.

But it is fascinating, that a mobile phone now is capable to make night images, even with stars in it - at the same time, with the possibility of really good quality. I mean, the quality does exceed anything I have ever considered to be good from a mobile phone. The ProRaw does of course extend the quality to a finer degree, compared to the JPG or HEIC output - which can be a bit blunt and "coarse".


I find the RAW quality really amazing

the potential, the flexibility, the dynamic range - and the restraint of noise, is simply excellent. The iPhone 13 Pro Max has truly become a favorite tool for night photography - simply because I do not always carry a real camera with me. I actually enjoy sometimes to leave them at home now - because when I am at work, I am not really that creative when it comes to taking photos - because I do have a job to do - and I do it in an environment, which I have photographed to death in the past 25 years.

However, this exceptional capacity of the iPhone 13 Pro Max, to handhold it during several seconds (and getting sharp images !) - but also to be able to get high quality ProRAW files... I find that combo really astonishing. I mean it truly exceeds what I expected.

Remember, usually the iPhones fall short in expectations, once the honey moon is over - the images all look the same. In fact, with the latest phone by only using the JPG engine, I find the images often having a bit of a greenish-yellowish cast. It reminds me of iPhone 4 and iPhone 5

So, I am not pleased with the colors I get on my phone by only using JPG (letting the iPhone doing everything). I truly prefer the RAW files over the JPG or HEIC images coming from the phone.

Yes, on the iPhone super screen.... most photos look fantastic and colorful.


When it goes downhill

But when you look at your images at the computer screen, the colors still have this weird greenish-yellow tint, so typical for many mobile phones. It is also possible that my particular model is a bit off. I had that once with another phone, but do not remember if that was the iPhone 6 Plus, or iPhone 7 Plus. I remember that when I used the tele lens, it would always give me this yellowish-greenish tint, while the wide angle gave me fresh colors.

Now by using ProRAW - the color is not issue anymore - because you fix that in post processing. Yeah ok, you have to work it, of course. I should add, that I still haven't made many (JPG/HEIC) images in normal daylight. It is possible that they look really good - I don't know that yet.


But, let's not spoil the party.

I love the new iPhone, simply because of the Night Mode and the ProRAW working way beyond my expectations (which is a huge leap over the iPhone XS Max in that regard)

For the rest of it - several strange quirks - (such as lesser quality from the ultra-wide lens, questionable quality from the 77mm lens when Apple often uses 3x digital instead of optical resolution, plus for it, using a poky tiny image sensor) well...well... well.

Not impressed. Not really.


Poetry of the Night

But having a mobile phone that does GOOD NIGHT images... there the noise isn't even an issue.... Now, that didn't see that coming. I mean, I didn't not expect it to be THAT GOOD.

And so, the iPhone 13 Pro Max it for me unusual useful - simply because I love that kind of dark enviroment to take photos in.

I love the poetry of night times. There are stories to tell. And they can be told in so many ways at night... which are different from images during daylight. The latter, everyone does, you know.

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