It was one year ago I participated at the Freedom Demo at Kungsträdgården, when the World Doctor Alliance visited our city Stockholm, as well took initiative to the World Freedom Alliance. It was the first demo I visited since many decades... it felt that important revolving the Plandemic and the frenzy about injecting people with experimental injections of genetic origins. Sal and I visted the Freedom Torch Demonstration which took place on 31 Oct 2021 at 18.30 at Medborgarplatsen in the City of Stockholm.


One year ago - Oct 2020

The reason one year ago was simple: Since the 90s I understood, as well it was common sense among the majority of people, that you do not do any human genetic experimentations. It was a NO GO ZONE.

You simply do not fiddle with the human genome - it is that simple.

Well, look at us now.


The new genetic Religion

Now we "all" are in for it - without hesitation. How did we get here, 30 years later ?

The majority of people call it "vaccination", without even looking into that the so called "studies" are still open (neither concluded nor ended), and that many tests never have been performed. What perhaps is even worse, our own health authorities never made any studies on their own to test what the injections really are made of. (Notice that one bach ain't the same everywhere. They appear to make various different tests with unlisted ingredients around the world, which differ)

Everything you read and hear about the Covid-19 Injections under the label of "Vaccination" - is in reality based on what the Pharmaceutical Companies are staying, those are. But few even read that content. And the secret agreements made between for example Pfizer and Governments, show (in the leaked documents of the contracts from Albania and Brazil), that the Pfizer company used mafia methods. In there you can read, that Pfizer does not know if the "vaccines" work, nor what the exactly do, and that they are going 100% free from any liability no matter what the damages will be.

Imagine that.


Since when do we make business like that ?

And since when do we inject people with ingredients from which the health authorities do not even have the guts to test under the microscope what really is in there ?

And since when are we using technology which until 14 July 2020 was strictly forbidden ever to be used on humans ?


Why is that all so ok now ?

For a disease which has a survival rate for people below 70 years of age, that is 99.96 % ? We never vaccinated people for a disease with such an extreme high survival rate ? Also confirmed are now, in hindsight, that the majority of so called "Covid Deaths", in reality between 80-90% never were covid deaths ! This includes Italy, as their highest authority of Health, recently came out with the numbers - stating that 86% of the official Covid-19 deaths in Italy, actually died of other causes. Not because of Covid-19. And the average age of those diseases is still around 80+ years, e.g. close to the average age when people die.


We have exchanged Science with Scientism.

Scientism is anything but science. It is wishful thinking and projections - not doing real observations, relations, causations. It keeps many blind eyes to everything that does not fit into a belief system. Results are adjusted to fit the expected outcome. (The same is done with Climate Scientism now)

While real science is being thrown to the wolves.

Welcome to a Brave New World.

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