I did of course use my new iPhone 13 Pro Max while we were at the demonstration as well during our stroll through the old city of Stockholm. And it delivered. As you can see above, the "Night Mode" simple delivers stunning quality with low noise. And no scene is too dark.... Which I find absolutely fascinating. I mean, I never dreamed about making mobile phone images in places like a dark alley in Gamla Stan. It was unthinkable - because the quality would be mainly garbage.

Well, it isn't anymore.

But to get the high quality, you need to use ProRaw and do post processing at the computer later on. And it can take a while to get the colors and contrast right. Often the Raw images look much darker. But there are plenty of reserves left in the shadows, and some headroom in the highlights left.

It think what you can get out of the ProRaw files is simple amazing !


The images below

is with Sal's selfie camera on the iPhone XS Pro (7 MP ?) - which is nothing in terms of quality to write home about, really. (it also means it made no change to his previous iPhone 7 Plus) But it makes memories, nevertheless.

Really Goofie memories I may add.

I am not sure what the specs of the selfie camera in the iPhone 13 Pro Max are , but know that they now support RAW files, too. Ah ok - here it is: my phone now uses 12 MP, has a 23 mm ƒ 2.2 lens in it's selfie camera (I have barely used it yet).

The iPhone XS Max has a 7 MP selfie (front) camera, with 32 mm ƒ 2.2 - which means the newer iPhone 13 Pro Max has a much wider selfie camera, as well higher resolution, plus that it now supports Raw files, from which you perhaps can cram out a little bit better quality, too.  I have not tested that seriously yet. (I am not a selfie type of guy, really). Sal on the other hand does that A LOT together with other people, I may add.

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