Albeit I already had lesser quality scans from Per-Olof playing with the blue veil in Summer 1992, the latest scans are made with the digital EOS R camera and the Grain2Pixel scripts - resulting into fantastic quality. After all, the old Kodak Ektar 25 color negative film, was an extreme high resolution film - and you can tell that the grain remains small, and fine details are many. Even if it is "only" a 35mm negative.

Another motive coming to life... after a whopping (almost) 30 years. It is so strange... as if my soul hasn't quite caught up with the physical representation we call age. I am also not sure, if that is required or necessary... I mean, who is counting.


Yeah. Yeah.

My little bubble here in a space of nowhere. And that too, is strange. This eerie digital vacuum of a homepage, which is let's face it - is a one man show, often not even a good one (except some photos I made over time). Right ? Don't lie.


But hey, it's the spirit of this time.

A parenthesis which we hold so dear, being a speck, perhaps an anomaly in the universe. But when i was a child, I had higher hopes for humanity, thinking we would learn, and would come closer...

It appears that our time we live in now, is the growing opposite of everything we once held dear. So, I am not the biggest believer in humanity the way it represents itself today. I often find that many good qualities and higher faculties have gone lost, in an accelerated fashion during the past years. A subversion where good is doomed as being evil - and evil is the new woke good. I never even remotely dreamed about that the majority of people would support the very veiled powers, who drive humanity into the abyss, through hate, ignorance and rejection - under the umbrella of "safety and protection".

To doom people who even the slightest dear to call in question that that what is unfolding today, is driven by extremely evil powers, but only can pull through, because the majority of people choose to remain in ignorance - by blaming a group of people - in very much the same way, like it has been done 85 years ago.

Me, who always wondered during my teens and later on - how that could roll on, how did the first sign show up, which then lead to a total corruption in people of nation(s)... Well, Now I see. Because now we live it, what once was lived and believed never ever to happen again.

And that is the reason why I am not particularly keen on believing the majority of people's "capacity" to evolve, by looking through the veil of deceptions, starting to ask serious question without falling down at the first obstacle or resistance. Instead, most people do not ask, do not call in question - and sit there, while getting served the only truth, through the single sides version from news, tv and newspapers - which happen to parrot one and the same version, no matter in which country you are.

yeah. It's all safe and sound. while a half million already died from the direct consequences of experimental genetic interventions. And many millions with damaging side effects. I can not remember that we ever accepted a medical intervention with so staggering high amounts of deaths and side effects.

But today - it's all safe and sound.

Here is the kicker: the only way people somewhat may awaken, is the time when they finally realize, asfirends, belived and family people are getting seriously injured, even dying. When the insight starts to dawn, that all those who told that things are for protection and safe - where in reality the very opposite. We chose to parrot what newsmedia told us to think. But when death repetedly comes to dinner among family and friends... It does change you. But then, it could already be too late - and we will later ask ourselves - why hasn't anyone said something earlier ?

Yeah. Because we chose not to listen, is the simple answer.

My Grandmother Elfriede said: "If you do not want to listen - well, then you get to feel it".

I guess she was well aware, of the deeper meaning in her words. She didn't tell me those, in order to hurt me. She told me them, in order to understand the meaning of it; why those words exist and get inherited over generations.

Through blood, effort and pain, we tend to learn our toughest lessons.

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