My thermometers show -15.0°C, while the notorious cold pit "Tullinge", 7 km SW from where I live south of Stockholm, reports -22°C.

These are really cold temperatures this early into December... Even the City of Stockholm is now reporting almost -13°C. at 02.00 at night. My thermometer in Snösätra isn't correctly set up. It is near a wall, 10 meter above the ground. I assumption is that at 2 meter height i likely would report between -16.0 and -16.7°C

I am a bit taken aback by the sudden onset of ice cold temperatures in Stockholm. Another thing I do not fully understand due to a lack of knowledge is, that the temperatures at the 850 hPa level (around 1.5 km height) are not truly bizarre cold. Even there they are only around -12°C to -18°C at the most over Sweden. But on the ground, in places like NAIMAKKA (extreme north of Sweden) we have record cold temperatures down to -43.8°C.

It is remarkable that the cold turned into such low levels...


What if ? A little Ice Age over time

I believe Earth has other changes in stock, which will take many people by surprise over the next decades, going into the opposite direction compared to the everlasting "Greta" whining (together with all the politician who call them selves leaders, chosen by the "people", albeit not much really in reality ever been chosen in fair votes, but manipulated "votes".

I know, Greta means well - but sometimes it feels like "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". And when the whole global elite with their obcene wealth is plotting behind the back of humanity, forcing people to believe the "Climate Change" agenda, pushing that everlasting eternal guilt on the average person for just... well, everything. (While they in reality have steered and caused behind curtains almost everything)...

Well, it is a tough game.  Not easily discerned for what it really is. Buy why are we allowing to be treated like that ? Why are we buing into such narrow minded "tech", which eventually only does one thing; transferring the rest of wealth to the elite - while we have to deal with the failings and suck it up. And that's it.

Calling for global warming, Climate change (tired to just everything and anything) plus all the bizarre "investments" into many dirty technologies, sold as being pure, green and eco - and absurdly expensive to such a degree that it will accelerate global povery coming to most parts of humanity.


Earth Changes

In the transition of Earth Changes that are in progress, way larger than man (and not man-made Climate Changes), we will see extremes on BOTH sides at first.

Until it eventually turns into a rapid decline, reminding on conditions more like a Little Ice Age. All investments will then utterly fail - because they were based on that earth is heating up (etc), not cooling down into difficult, more icy pronounced conditions.

Just think of severe crop failures. An example of how important that subject really is, and yet so easy to forget when living in a cities and mental bubbles focussing only into one direction, putting all eggs into one basked - without plan B and Plan C, without even thinking common sense human thinking, which includes the people that surrounds us; humans. People. Instead of just Me, myself and I.

The world may then be taken aback, because we only believed - and invested - into the opposite technologies and "strategies" which stand little change in a very cold climate, based on electricity from "eco" sources like solar cell and wind power. In Germany they send out expensive helicopters during winter, spraying tons of chemicals onto the wind turbines, in order to make them move again.

Sounds very eco ? To be honest, I think it's stupid.


Cold kills 20x as many people, compared to heat

And that wasn't a joke.

(link)  • Cold kills far many more people than warmth.
(link)  • Original source.

Almost 20 times more deaths were attributed to cold than to heat in South Africa.
© Burkart et al 2021, Lancet

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