The latest numbers are in, with Stockholm Tullinge reaching down to -21.9°C. That's really steep if you ask me. During the day the temperatures stayed below -10°C.


In Stockholm City

it was very cold, too. Down to -13°C, and during the day around -9°C. Here in Snösätra where I live in the southern suburbs of Stockholm - it was down to around -16°C. These are all temperature matching the deepest winter times (end of January or during February, when the cold really hits). Generally, it is rare that the temperatures stay below -10°C in Stockholm.


a mystery to me

I can't fully explain why it got so cold. I mean, I know that a package of cold air hit Sweden - but what I don't understand is, why a "cold package" with down to -19°C (at the most) at 1.5 km height, results into temperatures down to -43.5°C (in Naimakka, which reached -43.9°C the previous morning) and over large areas of Sweden below -20°C ?

I thought that an airmass at 1.5 km should be much colder (like -25°C or lower at 1.5 km height) in order to result such extreme low temperatures in December... I do not yet understand the dynamics why it got so terribly cold on the ground.

I guess this time the real cold air was present mainly in the lowest atmosphere. And example of this was, that when it went below -40°C at Nikkaluokta, while on the mountain at 1000+ meter in Tarfala, the temperatures was -16°C.

So, there you go.... it was warmer a big higher up.

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