It surprised me a bit, when I noticed around 02.30 at the train depot this morning, that my throat felt strange - that classic first sign of a scratching throat. Since then it has increased towards noon - and due to the new restrictions in Sweden, I have to report it to my work - and call in sick.


Glutathione + NAC + Vitamin-C,
During the day 1% H2O2 spray in mouth & nose

My assumption is that it is a flu type - and I got it likely from Sal, who got sick only 3 days ago - but is already coming out of it. I gave him immediately Reduced Liposomal Glutathione together with a glass of Vitamin-C water, on empty stomach in the morning, and before you go to bed. I prepared a spray for him with 1% H2O2 which he sprays 3-4 times a day, into this throat and nose, while breathing in.

So, now the same procedures will apply for me, too.

I measured my temperature when I came home at 07:00 and it was only +37.1°C. However now at 10:00 it shows +37.3°C. So, something is brewing -  so I called in at work. I believe will be within less of a week whatever there is, will be fended off while the body is adjusting and working on it. The symptoms between Sal at first and mine now, are the same.

In other words, it is just a cold, that's it. Yeah, it does actually exist, despite the WHO claim that it suddenly "vanished" *rolling my eyes*


18 Dec 2021

I slept like super long times. As of now, 24 hours later, the flu seem to be located mainly in and behind the nose and in the upper throat (scratching feeling). The nose produces lots of goo, and my boy temperature is only slightly elevated. A weak feeling there is, but not too bad.

So, everything seem to go the same route like Sal had, just 4+ days earlier - and he is already recovering. For him it never went into the lungs, and I don't have any signs of that this far, either.

In all - I would call this a rather weak flu ! Like something that you got in touch with, and your immune system got quickly activated - and after a couple days, it already fends it off successfully and you feel after day 3 you are getting gradually better.


Fully working immune system left

Well, and I still have a full immune system left - because I have not allowed any genetic injections to compromise it. Anyway, I have never understood, how anyone ever would allow injections, which alter body cell apparatus to produce a toxic pathogen without off switch (yes you head correctly).

Also now shown in the Stockholm Study, that our DNA is indeed affected by these Covid-19 experimental genetic injections ! This can not go well. It never has in the past, and therefore it was never approved to be used on humans. Gene Therapy it isn't either - because a therapy cures something. But the Covid-19 injections ain't curing anything. It makes you, to produce a pathogen in your cells, and from there your response to it, creates hyper inflammation everywhere the artificial spike proteins have attached to; blood vessels, brain, heart, lungs, any organs... How can anyone call that being "healthy" and "protective" - when in reality, that stuff is damaging vital organs, as well preventing DNA repair, and giving you a nice future with increased cancer, anywhere you like in your body.

It is sheer insanity. And they know it.


They piss on you - and call it's your blessing

Now - they force people to take that shit. They piss on you and say "it's just rain", or worse, it is a blessing. They tell you the injections do not alter DNA - but the Stockholm Study has indeed found that it intervenes with our DNA and weakening our ability to repair DNA.  Also vector vaccines - use genetic manipulation, such as AstraZeneca, J&J, The Chinese version I can't remember the name of, and Sputnik-5 (?) are based on that technology - and can alter DNA, and that has already been proven in earlier studies: that between 0.001% to 1% of your body's cells, can get altered.

When the body can't repair it's DNA - it is spelled cancer and tumors. In many countries they now observe very aggressive growth of cancers and tumors in people, including cancers that are extreme rare, are becoming more common. Levels of 20x higher cancer occurrence have been observed (according to Dr Ryan Cole, who made beyond 100.000 body tissue analysis)

And you thought, you just got a "vaccine".

Funny (albeit it really isn't funny at all). Because now they say you have to take it every half year. If that is the case, then it ain't a vaccine. Either a vaccine protects - or it doesn't. There is nothing in between.

Vaccines usually makes you immune for a disease - but the new experimental Covid-19 "vaccines" are anything but vaccines and based on unproven, badly tested genetic injections - which only were able to be distributed because the private organization WHO called out for an Emergency situation. That was the ONLY WAY they could bypass the stringent rules for vaccines and drugs. And that is also why Governments allowed themselves to become the executive power, despite being a "democracy" - and sideline and eliminating Basic Laws and Constitutions.



It is so irresponsible

beyond anything we have ever seen. NO wait. They did this already in the 80s, through Fauci's HIV = AIDS scandal, which killed millions of people because of a lethal drug called AZT, and it's later following cocktails with similar make up, just weaker. All of them are DNA terminating. It means; it destroys DNA. And The Saint Dr Fauci made sure that only AZT is being used on the patients, nothing else. As he did now with Covid; only using israeli-American company Gilead's Remdesivir... which just happen to kill off your kidneys in 5 days (or damaging them severely).

There you have your 500.000 dead people in the US in Covid. That is how they got their corpses - because Fauci forbid any other drug except Remdesivir.

That man, should be hanged for Crimes against humanity. Him and many others, who have been plotting behind the "pandemics" they created.

Boy have we been stupid. And afraid. I remember the AIDS hysteria so well.



Natural immunity

One thing is for sure: I got a full immunization the natural way - which is by far the best thing, because it doesn't vane over time. The immune system will remember any type of Corona virus, even after 17 years, regardless variants (which are usually just a few genes difference in the spike protein, but barely any change in the virus body itself).

As corona virus mutate, they infect much faster, but weaken rapidly because they loose their original potency. Virus are not interested into killing it's host. They are dependent on that the host stays alive.

The best thing what can happen is for people, who never had covid like infection (real infection, not just questionable Cov-19 PCR positive tests). People who never got "vaccinated", by getting the omicron variant - it is also by far the most mildest version - in which you get immunized. (The "vaccines", neither protect form infection nor from spreading - so it ain't a vaccine that immunize at all. On the contrary.

When you are unvaccinated, but get in touch with the virus - your immune system creates a anti-bodies, but it is the memory cells that are the key; they remember many parts of the whole virus, not just a futile single gene sequence.

Therefore the natural immunity is real immunity, one that is stable.

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