The vaccine induced false "immunity" - there is no immunity to speak of. On the contrary, Not only has Pfizer been falsifying the studies, but with help of the FDA tried to cover up the results from a group of people during the first 3 months of "vaccination" in the US... which created a huge amount of serious side effects in people.

Those 42.000 injected, 1003 died and 13.000+ very serious side effects from which many never recovered, never got better (from the damages the "vaccine caused"). Also remember that most doctors deny any connection to the "vaccines" - and people who got severe injuries are not helped, especially not when bringing up the "vaccines".

The FDA requested to the US court, to not publish the Pfizer results to the public until year 2076 !


You find those first Pfizer papers here.



FDA call themselves... a transparent agency ?

30% of the people got serious injuries during the first 3 months of the injection campaign (Dec 2020 - Feb 2021).

But the FDA already knew how dangerous the "vaccines" really are. Already back in Oct 2020 they were fully aware - which means, 2 months before they gave Pfizer an emergency approval (not a final one). They knew that "vaccines" causes 30+ different, partially very serious diseases, including the life threatening myocarditis (all kinds of inflammatory conditions of the heart), blood clots, and they also knew that CHILDREN are highly affected by the "vaccines" with diseases - so they created a new illness for children: "Multi organ inflammatory syndrome".

Many children are now getting severely injured, also dying. A group that has 0% risk of dying in Covid, and do not transmit the disease. The global mortality rate of Covid is 0.06%. That is lower than the flu with 0.15% global mortality - killing more people every couple years.


Health authorities in Canada

by "accident" allowed 34 children under 11 to get vaccinated during the time of Dec 2020 - Feb 2021. 24 children (70.6%) got severe side effects, from which 12 never recovered, never got better - damaged for life.

You seem to be ok with that, right ? Or "Oh no, this can't be true". You know what - I hope it "helps" you to sleep better, like with everything else. But to be really honest: I believe it helps shit in the long haul. Sooner or later, everyone will have to take a stand, on which side of evil you wanna be; the light side or the dark side. Take the red pill or the blue pill.

No, they don't tell you that in the media. It is aaaaaalways the same: No proven connection with the vaccines. And no shit has ever really looked into the VEARS, YELLO CARD UK, or EUDRAVIGILANCE database for the EU provided by EMA. They only cover around 2 to 5% of the real total deaths and damages. Nevertheless even when only using the official numbers of dead and injured people - the amounts are enormous, simply staggering.

So, if there is any tinfoil hat - it is you - who denies those official numbers. I don't call 30.000 deaths in the EU being a little thing. Not do i call 1.1 million severely injured people, who can't go back to their jobs because of that - being a little thing. I am sorry.

Those people had a life before they got the shot. They had work. They had income. They where independent. They had families. They had dreams. They had lovers. And they wanted to live.

All dead or severely injured.


It is right into your face - but you don't see anything.
The huge amounts of deaths and collapses of athletes in 2021 is unparalleled high



Magic Hat Tricks

Then what kind of life is that you are speaking of, when having to take experimental jabs, resulting into such a vast number of severe injuries as well deaths ? Is this how we look at other people ? Like "casualties" and "collateral damages" ?

Well, since the "vaccines" ain't working, nor protecting nor killing the virus - you will see the numbers rise to levels never seen before. But before that, it will be visible in sections you do not think of - such as, emergency cases, heart attacks and cardiovascular diseases. All those, that are officially not filed under "vaccine damages", but are directly related to the injections.... THAT IS WHERE YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT to see the signs.

But even so - 30.000 dead (in reality around 600.000+ people died) is a Crime against Humanity,while you are asleep. I think people are asleep because as long nobody is harmed, not themselves, none among their friends an family, they can keep up the bubble, and bash down on the "unvaccinated".

One day - the bubble will burst - and you will be completely overwhelmed. Because you haven't done any homework. You thought Big Pharma protects, Healthcare systems save people, Governments are there for you - and so on. Once the bubble burst, and you see it is actually the opposite - something dies. And that is a very, very painful process.

But it is the only way to heal down the road. Even if it will be a bumpy ride, trying to cope and understand, that the world image we got into your "mothers milk" ain't at all what the official world told us.

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