The audacity is... bottomless.

And yet, it is the majority who makes sure of that this can be pulled off - and still - after 22 months going onto a life threatening phase, in which people are pushed against the wall.

Based on lies. Which you believe in. And it makes me furious !

Soon their are going to force you to take it - yes, even the already "vaccinated" ones, are all in the same boat - so it ain't matter, really. It will be your turn, too. Otherwise you get huge fines, loose jobs, loose access to food.. and so on.

(Oh no, that would never happen)

Are you so sure ?


NONE of the Covid-19 Vaccines got any final approval

NONE OF THEM. They are all under Emergency use authorization still. All Big Pharma companies are going free from any damage claims, because your government has signed hidden, undisclosed contrasts with them, agree to their condition of never being held accountable for any damages those experimental Covid-19 injections result into. Oh, and health insurances do not covering damages from experimental injections (because those are still filed under the Emergency Use Authorization).


How quaint.


When your daughter is killed by the shot...

- I wonder how that will feel like... as nobody will take responsibility. And your Government gives a rats ass, because politicians are in their own bubble, and most of them are either stupid or deeply corrupted at this time, 22 month into the Plandemic.

They only tell you: the vaccines" are safe (without showing any proof) Yet - there is NO DATA that proves that the vaccines work or being harmless. On the contrary - there is now huge collections of data, showing how toxic those Covid-19 "Vaccines" truly are, and for every shot they are dismantling your immune system.

There are now 7 booster shots already in preparation - so it ain't over yet.

Bottoms up, honey ?


When Governments kill...

Which means, they are no longer there for you. They are highly engaged into killing you, your family, your beloved one. When it hits you - it will be too late. There are at least 7 booster shots in preparation for every person. (Israel's PM already spilled the beans: very soon you will hear it slipping out from others, too. Just wait) Oh wait - but New Zealand's PM Jacinda Ardern, already said it in public: the booster program will not end, it will be indefinitely. That is the talk of a psychopath. And she truly is one sick puppy, an ice cold blooded bitch. Well she was part of WEF's Claus Schwab "Club of Global Young leaders". The grooming pot of sociopaths to lead the world under the umbrella of WEF Psychopaths remodelling the entire world in a distopian wricked fantasy.

Kind of like "Brave New World".

People adore the PM of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern. She should be face trial for Crimes against Humanity. and most likely facing the death sentence for the cruelty through which they reign their pseudo empires under the hidden New World Order (which has been in place for decades in the shadows).


Yeah, how many times can you... ?

The question is - how many times will your body be able to migrate the vaccine damages caused in your body - as you (your cells) are reprogrammed to make an artificial, toxic pathogen... which your immune system is programmed to kill - and with that, also your cells.

You call that "immunity" ? I call it systematic degradation of the natural immune system, until any normal illness or flu will give you the rest, pushing people over the edge en mass.


Double Vaccinated dominate now the Mortaily rate in England
Similar also on Scottland, Israel, Gibraltar, etc


To force people

to get injected with still experimental and not fully approved new technological injections, which are resulting into genetic modification in your body, switching off parts of your immune system, while letting your cells create a toxic pathogen (artificial spike protein) - which is the LAST THING you ever want to find in your blood stream...

The thing with natural spike proteins in corona virus is, that they almost never come into the blood stream. The experimental genetic injections however, which by the billions re-program your cells, to produce an artificial, extremely sturdy spike protein. One that does not even exist in nature.

You are now PRODUCING the very toxin in your body, that you thought to be protected from. Those spike proteins are going everywhere in the body, including into the brain (!!), heart, lungs, intestines, liver, spleen, and lymph nodes...

Alzheimer is strongly on the rise, Parkinson is strongly on the rise, Cardiovascular disease are very strongly on the rise (establishing on permanently much higher level), and perhaps most devastating: Cancers are extremely strong on the rise by factor 20x.... [search for Dr Ryan Cole]. Now even mortality rate is much higher than before. And it ain't Omicron. Omicron is the "variant", which is there to cover the vaccine injuries from the public eye.

It is that bad.

It is also the world you have bought into. The Stockholm study has shown that 1) the spike proteins do interfere with our genetic makeup (DNA in the cell core), as well 2) inhibits/weakens the natural ability for our cells to repair damaged DNA = cancer.

So, what is the difference between Covid-19 "Vaccines", and walking into a leaking atomic reactor? Well, both lead to damaged DNA. I do not need to tell you the difference. you already know it in your heart.


Double Vaccinated dominate now the Mortaily rate in England
Similar also on Scottland, Israel, Gibraltar, etc


How many boosters can you tolerate ?

So, they say, they do this, in order for you to produce anti-bodies. But there is a big problem in that.... the "army" (anti-bodies) are AT THE WRONG PLACE. They are in your blood - but the real action occurs in the mucus of your lungs. THAT IS WHERE YOU NEED the antibodies. But there aren't any. They are in your blood stream instead. It is like having the ready army behind a wall. But the fire is outside of the walls.

A vaccine is supposed to immunize people. But when the first two shots ain't doing what it is supposed to do, and then they tell you to take the 3rd shot - then clearly something is off. And when governments now mandate for you to take a shot every 6 months - then it absolutely doesn't immunize. So, then why is it called "vaccine" ? It ain't protecting anything.

Pfizer falsified their study, on which the emergency authorization is based on. It is still not approved. The only FDA approved one in the US is Comirnaty - but that one is NOT available in the US. They inject people with the Pfizer version that only has the emergency authorization (and therefore Pfizer can not be held accountable for any damages).

Well, 20.000 people already died in the US from the Covid-19 vaccines, unofficially that's 400.000 people.

In Europe Pfizer's Comirnaty is not approved, so it is still under emergency authorization only. In Europe 30.000 people have died from the Covid-19 vaccines in 11 month - unofficially 600.000 people have died. Unofficially 20 million Europeans got severe side effects - altering their daily life, for many for ever.

You may consider another factor:
Genetic altering injections - can not made undone !


There you have your Third World War.

And that is why I say; the Nazi's never lost. The only re-grouped. And the weapons have changed, but the deception and the evil are exactly the same. The ignorance of the people, too. Whether it is beyond 1933, or beyond 2021.

And we - we have learned absolutely nothing. Our hospitals are the "concentration camps". It's just you don't understand it, nor wish to see it. Because you can't grasp it.

An overwhelming huge lie - it then becomes invisible.

You ask yourself how could the germans back in the days, be so blind to let happen what happened ? Now you have your answers - because we are now living it.


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