I find it almost impossible. I feel so incredibly angry in the face of what is happening in the world, in almost all countries. The bottomless criminality, the vicious lies surroundings the  Covid-19 experimental genetic injections... and how Government not only are pissing onto their people, but literally shitting down on them. But the most furious part - is that the majority of our own people, are in favor for the lies in such a vicious, deceptive and hateful way...

I can't think of anything other than that is how it was in Germany after 1933... when they started to go after the Jews - and anyone else who didn't align with the official narrative.


The ignorance among the population is staggering

Like when people who are PCR negative are dragged into camps in Australia for two weeks, where you are not allowed to leave your room other than 2 meter at the outside "balcony". And on top, you have to pay for it.

When people against their will are dragged into camps, despite being PCR negative... how far are you willing to go ? In Germany, the new Chancellor is talking about the "unvaccinated" in terms of extremists on the verge of Terrorists. How can that be ? So i ask you


What are you gonna do - with all the others ?

What are you going to do with 20 million unvaccinated Germans ? Are you going to drag them into concentration camps ? Are you forcing them to get injected ? Are you sending them into prison. ARe you up for killing them, right off the bat - is that it ? Or is that too sensitive fore you to think - but you continue to indulge into ignorance and hate, and thereby supporting that it is and will be done - not so far off into the future ?

There is a name for it. It called cowardice, you know. Is that the kind of life and country you want to live in ?


What happens when it is your turn ?

Or if somebody points the finger at you, and you for unknown reasons can't prove innocence. So you are already injected and proven negative - but all that doesn't matter. Because somebody pointed hateful at you being a traitor, and goes to the authorities - and they come more than willingly to drag you from your beloved ones, form your children - against your will - and you end up in a fucking prison camp.

Now what ?

Is that the kind of hate you are indulging, under the disguise of "protection" and "safety", that you are willing to sacrifice 20 million of your country men and women and children - so that you can continue to live in your bubble ?

Well, then I guess, that is how it was done back in 1933 and onwards. As it is now repeating itself on a global scale.

Welcome to your new brave world, you "innocent" citizen who allows this to happen, screaming for justice, and to "take away those threatening unvaccinated". Totally uninformed, you contribute with your best intentions, leading the road to hell.

Now I start to understand.


What happens if you get seriously ill at the 7th shot ?

But you are "obliged" to take the 8th shot soon in order still to be able to work, have income and able to go to the stores ? Then what ? When you start to realize that the 8th shot might result into even more serious illness, crippling you ? Then what are you going to do.

And why do you have to take these shots in the first place, when the previous ones never helped ? What if it is all a lie you have been walking into ?


My Diary

So, no matter how I want or wish to write into my personal Diary, this monumental shit that is happening in our societies, is going so deeply under my skin, into my soul, into my heart - it is sometimes difficult to breathe, by just the thought of it. It also seems, that when I try to write about - you know - private trivial daily life stuff - it just all seem to insignificant, so totally uninteresting, and totally not really worth for me to put finger on. Because all those things just don't matter anymore. At least that is what i feel like, when I try to form my words into my personal diary.

I suspect that the Covid Narrative also on a soul and spiritual level is like a "love bite", like a mental infection, like a snakes bite, pulling the soul down into a depressive, dark underworld. And it doesn't let go, you know...


To write about love ?

I don't know how to write about love and living right now. I find it extremely difficult to say anything... I also don't wish to indulge into what I now call "Wishful thinking". The kind of more or less superficial expressions we often give to each other - but which don't really touch the heart. or mean anything.

So, I can't write like nothing ever happened. I find what happens in the world, and even in Scandinavia, absolutely horrible. The decline of human rights, respect and integrity as well bodily integrity's demise, the corruption within courts and justice, the absolutely lousy speeches of politicians in every fucking corner - just makes my bile go nuts.

And the analysis and studies surrounding the Covid-19 injections consequences are like a big stone in my stomach, as more and more data becomes available (if you know where to look). It ain't presented in the news - never in the news, ever.

The public corruption of science and medicine

I find highly worrisome. Because, if all the false narrative and "findings" win, those will be built on much further ! And as an reminder, the experimental genetic Covid-19 injections - are just the beginning. They are already working on numerous other similar drugs, based on genetic modification mRNA technology, ready to be injected for all kinds of ailments.

Not many will survive over time. And many of the surviving children, later when being adults, will unable to produce children.


Trails for Crimes against Humanity must be held !

The repercussions of what is done now, are immense for the future. I do not understand how you can be part of all this. They laugh all the way to the bank, while we are eager to help with digging a huge grave for humanity, in which large parts will die over time - if we continue to support this utter shit, this bottomless criminal, deeply psychotic behavior that companies, authorities, governments and Pharmaceutical industrial complex has corrupted the world scene so deeply.

It is almost all the existing upper layer of authorities, political parties and ruling governments, which have to stand trail against humanity, including all the Pharmaceutical companies as well the military top levels of most countries, including NATO.


The Military aspect behind the Politics

In Germany for example, the whole political Covid narrative is in fact lead by the German military Generals, Health department 6, who tells the politicians what they have to say. That's why you hear the politicians there have these weird "military" terms when they address new stringent measurements and threatening groups of their people. It's very interesting to follow the speech - and those who are behind, leading the political puppets.


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