My flu is going from day 2 into day 3 after midnight, and I realize that it is now a much tougher cookie compared to day one. (It shouldn't surprise me, really)

When I woke up after what felt like sleeping for ages - yet it was only 8 hours - goo was stuck in my nose in truly huge quantities. Before I went to sleep, feeling weak, the temperature had risen being somewhat elevated with +37.6°C

I notice that my lungs a bit sensitive now, and yes now I also sneeze and cough - and the nose after the first clearing, henceforth produces further stuff which isn't so clear anymore. I can't judge if the origin of his cold/flu is viral or bacterial though. Last time in September, it was definitely viral, but didn't had the colored blobs coming from the nose. That's why I suspect it might be a lot more bacterial this time.

Well, a flu is a flu.


Let's not hype

And yes, we are all hyper sensitized and see covid, everywhere, in every single frikking corner. Which is plain stupid. What is needed, are clear observations, not panic. I have trained my sensitivity to sense when my body get's ill, i feel it within the very hour it emerges. And I am not freaking out about it, but take steps how to help my body to do it's wonderful job.


Examination at the subway, not quite yet.

On tuesday I was supposed to write my examination, which we do as a subway river every second year - but I will miss that, since I am at home ill. Nevertheless, there is no worry to that, because my licence doesn't expire until after 14 Feb 2022.


Fixed Night Shift schedule. Weheee

In the mean time, I also applied for a new working schedule at the Stockholm subway, and for the second time, i've got a fixed, true night shift schedule. Which I absolutely love. No, really. It is the kind of job that just seem to be perfectly suited with my nature, of loving nights. I also appreciate that I am not only driving all the time, but also working in the train depots, checking 7 trains, that they are fit to go out into traffic next morning.


Only working 3 days in a row

On top of that, I design a different schedule for myself. Instead of a long vacation - I will use 3 vacation days per month, by placing them strategically in position, which results into that I never work more than 3 days in a row. Several single free days (which are worthless), turn into double free days.

This gives a unique opportunity to work this quirky night schedule and still being able to have a life. Of course, I have never vacation in the sense of being off a longer period. But who needs to travel in a world of chaos, with so many treacherous every lasting, erratically every changing rules in different countries ? The whole procedure of thinking to travel, makes me stomach turn around.


Boy, do I miss the people in Sicily

Of course... I miss Sicily. I miss the people that have grown in my heart through the years. It has now been almost 2 years the last time I have been in Sicily (April 2020). It's really strange not to be able to travel there... I also miss Berlin in a way... And even that city, being so close, with now Stasi/Nazi DDR like conditions, unfree for the real people who live there, and the people who wish to go there...


The irony of Germany

is that even the "vaccinated", now have to do distancing, wear masks and all the salad... which originally was supposed to be only 2 weeks, to flatten the curve. You thought you bought yourself the freedom they offered through genetic injections - and you find yourself realizing, that ooops, you still need masks, distancing and even a passport to enter most places.

It is not only deeply saddening, it is also very ironic. All the promises - for absolutely nothing. While people's immune system are now systematically degraded for each new shot - and they believe it will help them.

Tell that the people when they get littered with cancers, because their genetic makeup isn't repairing itself as it used to.... Tell that to the children who are forced to get fooled and injected by something they often believe "is good for them", not understanding that the "Government" are BigPharma silverdollar paid off puppets - all who give a rats ass as people are starting to die.

Just aweful. I sometimes have no words, and it feels horrible to watch it all with open eyes.

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