Yesterday (day 3) was by far the toughest day - and perhaps my flu bottomed as I get an indication of stabilization now on day 4.

My lungs are hyper sensitive. Any coughing feels terribly painful (Probably because I don't have a high pain threshold, so i assume it feels worse compared to somebody who isn't sensitive to pain). Well, that's my theory. Luckily I don't cough that much like yesterday, and it seems to have slightly gotten better. In a normal setting, my lungs do not hurt and I can breathe relatively deep.

The symptoms are different compared to September 2021 when I strongly suspect that I had Covid, as it felt different to any previous I had. I am not saying it was - because many have self diagnosed themselves wrongly under the umbrella of confusion and hysteria. So, it means I could be wrong, too. But since I did had my share of cold/flu (much less influenza), I was able to compare, and felt that certain things were unique to me. But that's about it.


Let's have a look.

It is of course all based on self observation - trying to distinguish the latest flu from the covid suspected one in September, where in my eyes certain aspects were different - such as that it started like a flu, seemed to get better, but on day 7, rapidly got worse. (see Dr Shankara Chetty who talks about the phenomena). In his observation of 7000+ patients, he said that a larger group of his patients all started to get rapidly worse on day 8 by suddenly deteriorating within 24 hours.

Back in September 2021, i was already aware of that effect as i had read about it deeper only 10 days prior - and that's why I was so fast with taking the extreme important anti-oxidant Glutathione [with NAC]

Glutathione is the first to go empty in your body, when it encounters hyper inflammation. And then it really goes down the hill...


September 2021 (likely covid)

December 2021

first symptoms - headaches, vertigo before outbreak.
first symptoms - scratching feeling in the throat
Fever - up to 38.8°C
Fever - up to 37.6°C, mostly around +37.3°C
During 5 weeks before - persistent headaches which was unusual because I am not a headache person at all.
5 weeks before outbreak - no headaches. Only briefly during day 1-2
During first days, medium to pronounced vertigo
No vertigo
Went like a weak flu at first, and started to get better over the course of days
Like a normal median flu, pretty fast.
At day 7 - rapidly worse, with pain, sudden onset of strong fatigue, and when breathing deep, pain emerged. The impression was like an iron curtain around my lungs.

Start of Hyper Inflammation in the lungs suspected. Not much coughing at all (came later day 10 and onwards)
Worse on day 2, and bottoming on day 3, with pretty strong pain in the lungs (or muscles?) but only when couching, not otherwise.

sensitive chest on day 4

(Which could be instead that the muscles surrounding the chest are affected and not the lungs: as laughing *LOL*, sneezing or clearing the nose hurts; everything with chest muscles involves pain )

Breathing feels otherwise normal.
Lost all my sense of smell, even after 3 month only recovered around 15-20%. Taste  sensations reduced.
Sense of smell right now, is 0%, taste sensations reduced.
Brain Fog, I was unable to focus or understand complicated sentences. My emotions where like "in a distance"; not really present present, and difficult to "feel myself". Very odd experience.
No impact.
Lots of goo production during the first 6 days, but mainly clear.
Very clogged nose when awakening from sleep, very thick goo with colors. During the day, constant production of clear goo. Much less since day 4.
Relative normal appetite
Normal appetite
With help of 2x10 mg Reduced Liposomal Glutathione + 600 mg NAC every 6 hours - the lungs cleared completely of pain within less than 2 days !
Day 3 was worst.
Day 4, somewhat better - but physically weak.
Day 5 much better in general.
• Lots of sleep.

• 5 gram Vitamin C
(divided many times/day)
• 10.000 IU Vitamin D,
• 2x10 mg Reduced Liposomal Glutathione (day7+)
• every 6 hours 600 mg NAC.
• Quercetin + Zinc, Q10

• Lots of sleep.

• 5 gram Vitamin C
(divided many times/day)
• 10.000 IU Vitamin D,
• 2x10 mg Reduced Liposomal Glutathione (day 3+)
• every 6 hours 600 mg NAC.

• Quercetin + Zinc, Q10

• 350 mg daily Magnesiumcitrit powder

• several times a day, 0.5% H2O2 spray in nose and throat

• 5 ganul. Apis Mellifica D6 - 3x a day (since day 3+)
• 5 ganul. Belladonna D6 - 3x a day (since day 3+)




We used to be so much more relaxed...

About the flu. And yes, a real viral flu, can and does sometimes batter a body pretty bad. It is not a child's play when it hits you bad. And the thing is - fl does kill children. Covid does not ! Germany had in total 4 covid death in children, who all had severe comorbidities (cancer etc)


Children are NOT spreaders.

And the "Asymptomatic spread" is a blatant lie - which have been refuted already, with two major studies, of which one had 10 Million people - and did not show any asymptomatic spread. It was a lie forged by Prof Dr Drosten, who both faked his professor titles as well his Doctor title, but is used by the GErman Gov as well the EU, and early got the title of being the EU Expert on Corona Covid Virus.

Bam ! How convenient.


"Dr" Drosten

also created the fraudulent Covid-19 PCR test with a 45 cycles - which at such an extreme level gives you almost 100% false positives. PCR test is NOT a diagnostic tool, and should never be used as such. PCR test can not show whole viruses, only tiny fragments, which may or may not be from a virus.

Courts dismiss PCR tests when used for DNA proof, when used beyond 18 cycles, because anything higher - and the PCR test results are considered worthless. Why did Drosten mandate 45 cycles ? Because that way, the whole world would get their "contagion numbers" sky high. And now we are 22 month into the Plandemic, and they still use the PCR test - because no other tool can give them the numbers. IF you test is positive - it is considered to be that you have covid.

If you have no symptoms - you certainly do NOT have Covid even if the test is positive. If you have symptoms, then there are many other viruses and other bacterium which can give positive results, without you necessarily having covid. Normally MULTIPLEX tests are done - testing for 20 different viruses in a single test: But they stopped using that test since 2020. Henceforth only Covid-19 PCR test with high cycles were used. Which results into outrageous high numbers of false positives.


Coup de Etat - on the Worlds Nations

But they got their numbers, with which they circumvented human basic laws and constitutions, in which the politicians suddenly became the executive power. We are talking about many countries got a Coup de Etat becoming well a Fascistic-Autocrat regimes. While you are glued at the TV, paralyzed in a hypnotic state, believing everything they feed you with, thinking you're in a free democracy, personal freedom and choice.

Bravo ? I don't think so. Poison is what you get mandated under the umbrella of "protection for you" and "protection for others". I do not wish to be in your shoes with those illnesses coming from all the DNA damages that are induced that way... I believe it is an absolutely horrible weapon that has been unleashed on humans globally.

Crisis in hospitals...well.... let's have a look.

use to be notoriously chaotic and stressful in every moderate flu period during winter (e.g. every couple of years) - only with the difference that neither authorities, nor media nor politicians weaponized those periods back then.

NO THEY DO. While at the same time really giving a rats ass - as many are in fact cutting down healthcare and hospital beds - and this has been going on for a very long time. Both in Germany and In Sweden, I know of.

Sweden has Europe's lowest amounts of beds per 100.000 people. (I believe it is 2 beds) Germany, decreased the ICU beds from 32.000 to now 21.000 during the pandemic - for a fashionable price of 1.1 billion Euro to do so, or was it 11 billion euro ?

Imagine that - while constantly fear mongering that there is chaos at the ICU's and hospitals. Of course there is relative chaos, if you pull down the hospital beds. While at the same time, in many hospitals during 2020, they had nothing to do, and quit staff.

What the fuck, you know.


In Germany the health system never went down on it's knees

And yet, the other authority who is keeping track of the capacities in Germany - stated publicly; Covid never ever once brought the Germany healthcare down on its knees. There was always capacity enough throughout the entire Pandemic. Germany has annually 22 millions hospital registrations. During the Pandemic those got 2.5 million less. The highest amount of Covid patients at the peak was a mere 4% of the total.


Nurses do carry a dire burden

due to the slimming of healthcare, beds, staff - which means, not only have they been grinded down by the panic during the Plandemic on top of having mandatory to get injected with experimental genetic injections - but are facing now the increased hospitalizations of people with vaccine injuries - which are now hitting the slimmed down hospitals more and more (whose leading tops and investments firms are responsible to cash in) while sucking out the staff.


Those are interesting little details

when you give them a bit more thought. But that is NOT what you hear from the media or politicians - on the contrary they mind fuck you at every corner, day and night for 22 months. What a scandal. What a shame. It is the all time low water mark of German establishment and false "rulers" since the Second World War.


Monsters under your bed.

So, now it is ALL COVID - and the monster has been hovering around our hearts minds and souls for over 22 months, no matter winter or summer (!) - it was suddenly a virus that even was able to "eliminate the flu".

Sure. When you take the flu cases and put them into the pile of covid, then you have covid peaks, and no more flu peaks. When two thieves have a million dollar each, but one takes it from the other - well then one has it all - the other has nothing. Gone.

That's how it is done.


Viruses with us, all the time. Basta !

Flu and the many different viruses are with us, all the time more or less. So, do not tell me that the flu "simply disappeared". They needed the flu numbers for Covid.

Viruseshave been with us since the dawn of humanity, as well way before. We live with them, as they live with us. Part of our DNA are made from viruses. In fact 8% of our DNA is made of viral material.

- 158 -